The Best Leather Travel Bag, Made in Italy

Travel with the bags of Fantini Pelletteria

Leather Holdall
Travelling at the moment is difficult, but there are signs of blue skies ahead. Fantini Pelletteria has a philosophy that says you never travel alone if you travel with a leather holdall and I can definitely see where they are coming from. A good travel bag can be a real companion, something that is always with you – on the plane, train or car. A useful tool that is fashionable, chic and practical too. You can find the best travel holdalls to choose from by Fantini Pelletteria but when you see the one that is for you, just like your first love you will know immediately.

Fantini Pelletteria products are made entirely in Italy and while I don’t have the DNA, for someone who spends a lot of time in the country I have first hand experience in Italian style. A high quality travel bags is a unique accessory that add elegance, class and style to anyone who chooses to travel with one.

They are manufactured in Italy by artisans who have been working, sewing and treating the highest quality leathers for many years. Enhancing them with accessories of the highest level – sliding metal hinges, reinforced handles and very resistant shoulder straps. All bags are lined with the most highly sought-after materials on the market. Tuscan leather is known all over the world and Italians have more experience in the sector than anyone else.

Everything you need at your fingertips in your leather backpack

Leather Backpack
A fantastic backpack is a must-have accessory on any planned travels or weekend getaways. The Fantini Pelletteria range of backpacks combines classic lines with sporty lines that enable it to work with as a suitable backpack for both business trips and family trips. There is an attention to the smallest details and the backpack has many compartments that make it an absolutely comfortable and practical solution for both women and men.

Fantini Pelletteria is personally involved when choosing the models, leathers and accessories to be applied to their backpacks and by using an approach that minimises waste the brand is able to keep prices low without lowering the level of quality.  Being on trend is vital to a fashion company and Innovation is a key word with Fantini Pelletteria. By always looking for the best product for its customers, they are able to bring new models and ranges to the market on a regular basis. Customer support and after sales is also a big priority and there is a dedication to service that is core to customer experience. Their artisans are all from Tuscany, the home of the finest leather products in the world and the best of ‘Made in Italy’ for the leather goods sector.

The best medicine – Leather Doctor Bags

Doctors Bags
Another of the strongest product ranges of Fantini Pelletteria is a comprehensive selection of the finest Leather Doctor bags. I can tell you a little secret as long as you promise to keep it to yourself? You don’t actually have to be a doctor to own a doctor’s bag.

In fact, these Doctor bags are as popular with sportsmen and women, engineers and tradesmen as they are with doctors. When you are looking for strength, practicality and reliability they may be your ideal choice. Hand-buffered full-grain leather bags with beautiful print interiors, with a strong main reinforced leather handle they can often also be carried over the shoulder with a Leather, adjustable and detachable strap.