Tech: Mario Testino and the new Huawei Smartwatch

Chinese manufacturer Huawei’s (incidentally pronounced ‘hu-wa-way’) reputation took another jump at the IFA Tech event in Berlin last week with the launch of their latest and greatest mobile phone, the Mate S and their much anticipated Smartwatch.


Features on the Mate S include a 13-megapixel rear camera, a 401-pixel-per-inch screen and ‘Force Touch technology’ allowing for greater control when increased pressure is applied to the screen. You can also use it as a pair of mini scales, handy if your measuring out small amounts of er, stuff.


Besides the phone, I was actually in Berlin to attend the European launch of Huawei’s new and über stylish Smartwatch. Available in a range of (smart) looking designs and straps from October, the good news is that unlike many other Smartwatches it will be compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Up close the classic design looks very sleek and with plenty of screen and dial personalisation choices it has the potential to be as individual as you are!


To realise it’s full potential fashion credentials Huawei have enlisted non other than legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino to shoot supermodel Karlie Kloss and Sean O’Pry for the brand new ad campaign.

Launch of the Huawei WatchLaunch of the Huawei Watch

No official prices are currently available for the new Smartwatch, but it’s likely the range will start from around £300 and go up to around £600. More info and review to follow.

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