Sponsored Video: The Honor 10 – The New Smart ‘Smart’ Phone

I’ve been to Iceland on holiday and despite all my best efforts I’ve never been able to see the wonderful aurora borealis AKA the Northern Lights in all its glory.

But hold on a minute, Huawei’s smartphone brand Honor have just launched the Honor 10, a new smartphone that according to their press release is like ‘holding the aurora borealis’ in your hands.

It’s a bold statement you might say, comparing a smartphone to one of natures most startling natural occurrences, but actually the Honor 10 IS a very beautiful, if not organic object.

The glass back has a gradient finish that’s available in the spookily named ‘Phantom Blue’ and ‘Phantom Green’ colours and it does evoke a certain mysterious ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Apart from its looks, the Honor 10 has also been causing something of a stir in social media circles and many people have been talking about it’s awesome photo-taking possibilities.

I’ve not actually got my hands on it yet, but as someone who’s had experience with previous Huawei models and smartwatches, I’ve noticed they seem to be finding a real fanbase of customers looking to take semi-professional looking photos.

By using Artificial Intelligence to look through over 100 MILLION different kinds of photographs (and you think looking at your friends holiday pics is boring) the system has been able to develop, learn and understand what kind of photo you are taking and adapt the finished pic when you snap.

From a group portrait in near dark to an action shot in the midday sun the AI helps to create the kind of pic you want it to be. It has, stored in its tiny metal brain over 500 potential photo scenarios in 22 categories. I’m wondering if there is a special Cappuccino setting? The Honor 10 doesn’t so much do the thinking for you, instead it gives you the tools to take the picture you want to take. Something that AI has, in the past occasionally got in the way with.

Anyway, have a look at the video above and make up your own minds. Oh, and if you do go to Iceland take the phone with you and cross your fingers, you might just be able to compare the two.

This post has been presented by Honor, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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