Fashion: Mulled Wine isn’t just for drinking!

There’s no letting up that Christmas is coming. I haven’t spied the Coca Cola truck yet, but I am definitely getting a few festive tingles.

And I got a few more when I went for my first ever mulled wine wax. Initially I thought I was going to get tipsy on mulled wine before I got naked, but as much fun as the girls on reception were, there was no booze in sight! However I did get offered water and a mince pie, and I was in a pretty festive mood as I entered the Ministry of Waxing salon on Neale Street.

After filling out a questionnaire and going for a last minute bathroom break, I was lead deep into the depths of the deceptively large building that houses the Ministry of Waxing on Neale Street. Closed doors and funky wallpaper added to the intrigue, as I was informed that it was it was supposed to represent a Japanese palace.

My therapist Emily put me at ease, even though she was wearing a facemask! I’ve not seen that before in all my years of waxing, but it didn’t deter from her gentle bedside manner.

Legs akimbo, I was smothered in warm wax which had a faint smell of spicy mulled wine. Perhaps that’s why the face mask was necessary- who knows! It certainly didn’t stop our chat!

The whole experience was over within about 15 minutes, as I was left soft as a the day I was born, but smelling slightly more adult! I can’t really comment as to whether the smell lingered, but three days later and I am still glowing!

If you’re feeling festive, and have a few hairs you need to lose, I would highly recommend the Ministry of Waxing, With amazingly convenient locations all across London, it’s a salon with a difference, and the staff are experts. They do all kinds of hair removal and you’ll even leave with a mince pie! What’s better than that?

Check out the website
or pop in to Ministry of Waxing, 56 Neal Street, London, WC2H 9PA
Tel: 020 72407004

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