Cool Gadgets That Improve Time Behind The Wheel

No matter if you are a car enthusiast, or you just drive a car to work, you probably spend a decent chunk of your daily time in front of the wheel. Now whether you’re one of the people that’s ok with that, or you just wish to get home as quick as possible, is up to you.

But, no matter which one you may be, some extra comforts in the car wouldn’t hurt. People coming back from work tired and just wanting nice things, has spawned quite the market of not-essential yet very desirable items which now circulate the market and internet alike. Let’s look at a few which could make your daily car commute just that much more pleasant.

Image source: Pexels

Car coffee?

Are you a coffee lover? Does your boss give you a hard time for spending too much time at the coffee machine in the office? Why not make the coffee before you get there, and even before you get out of the car? A Handpresso auto coffee maker could be just the thing you never knew you needed. Using the 12v cigarette lighter as a power source, you can make coffee on the go in the comfort of your own car. No more queues at the coffee machine or in Starbucks, you can walk out of the car, already prepared for the day ahead. It might just make all the difference.

Tablet mount

Is using your phone as a GPS just not enough? Do you have a BIG personality with even BIGGER demands? Well, why not use a tablet instead? If you want to use your tablet or iPad as a sleek, big-screen GPS and media-centre, you will need a mount for it. After all, the usual puny phone holders cannot even handle your demands. A Satechi universal mount for tablets is a simple-yet-effective product with a minimalistic design that just gets the job done without a plethora of needless features you’ll never use. After all, how good can a tablet mount be at the end of the day.

Image source: Pexels

Custom license plate

Many people tend to live most of their life with the notion that a custom or private plates for your car are reserved for the rich and famous only. Oil barons and actors, or incredibly wealthy businessmen. The truth is, that the price might be slightly overblown, despite that most of the population still tends to think otherwise. While yes, it is still relatively expensive to get a custom license plate on your car and you do not see the average person getting it due to the fact that it is purely cosmetic and not exactly useful. Does it not just seem extremely cool at times? Maybe it’s the fact that everyone still thinks it is extremely pricey, but getting mistaken for a millionaire is just one of the few perks (or hindrances) you will be faced with when you get out of a car donning a custom plate. You could sit there arguing with yourself weighing your options on this matter, should you get a custom plate so it is easier to find your car and you will be automatically cooler, or save a decent amount of money? Some people think about such things while others just buy, it is entirely up to you.

Grip mat? Dash grip?

Whatever you want to call it, it is essentially a mat made from extremely grippy material. Grippy enough that it holds itself in place, while also keeping everything on it from sliding about everywhere. Now while it probably does not come with a guarantee of things not slipping, it has been tested by countless drivers around the world and people are still buying them, so they must be decent at least. You might be thinking to yourself “Why bother, I have a glove compartment to leave all my things in.”. But the truth is, no one likes blindly fumbling about in the glove compartment searching for things while driving. With a DashGrip you can leave all your most used things in plain sight, at arms-length. Be it loose change, keys, mobile phone, or travel card, the DashGrip will be there for you, on top of your dashboard.

Image source: Pexels