The Ultimate Guide to Men’s SS19 Streetstyle

Although you’re likely still wrapped up in your thick winter coat, it’s already time to start thinking about kitting out your summer wardrobe. Shorts. Vests. Shirts. You’ll need it all. Before you head out on an uncontrollable shopping spree, however, you’ll want to find out exactly what’s on-trend ahead of the new season. 

After all, SS19 is bringing along some truly outrageous styles to the world of men’s streetwear, with hoodies, shorts and shirts sporting fresh new looks as we eagerly await the warmer weather. But, be warned, some of these styles certainly aren’t for everyone… 

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Perhaps a trend for those who feel particularly proud of their thighs, short-shorts were all over the SS19 fashion shows last year. Of course, wearing shorts during the summer months is certainly nothing new, but this year plenty of guys look set to flaunt designs which cut off way above the knee—especially if we experience the same scorching temperatures as last year. 

Although they might incite memories of Wham! and Cristiano Ronaldo, men’s short-shorts have been proving incredibly popular thanks to the growing influence of Love Island, where men seem to wear microshorts on a never-ending basis. Khaki and denim designs have been particularly common on the catwalks, creating the perfect hybrid of active sportswear and casual streetstyle. 

Attention-grabbing and bordering on the outrageous, you’ll struggle to find a bolder, more adventurous style this summer. After all, the thigh’s the limit. 

Check Yourself Out

You just can’t go wrong with some good check patterns. Often finding their way onto plaid shirts, expensive blazers and eye-catching suits, stylish check designs have been a staple of men’s fashion for as long as we can remember—and SS19 certainly isn’t an exception. 

Due to their sheer versatility and seemingly endless colour combinations, check patterns have always been an essential addition to both formal and casual wardrobes. Gingham, tartan and windowpane designs are certainly capable of providing a unique statement look, while buffalo checks are ideal for anyone hoping to achieve a masculine lumberjack style instead.  

This year, you should expect to see these dazzling designs appearing on tracksuits and jogging bottoms, too, as check patterns make an impact on casual sportswear to provide the hottest style of the season. 

1990’s Sports Clothing

That’s right—SS19 is all about the 1990’s. An era famous for its Furbies, Pokémon and Blockbuster Video stores, the 90’s were jam-packed with audacious styles and adventurous colour combinations. To be more specific, this was a time filled by tracksuits that were flamboyant enough to turn the Fresh Prince himself a little green with envy.   

These tracksuits were fresh with bold branding and prominent logos, with sportswear companies going big on vibrant colourways and unique, almost inexplicable, patterns. The likes of adidas, Nike and Kappa were particularly famous for their old-school tracksuits, and these audacious designs are coming back with a bang ahead of the SS19 season.

Dripping in nostalgic style and helping you achieve a super-casual vintage-look, big fashion brands are now emulating this iconic 90’s style with their own gorgeous designs. Hoodies, tracksuits and jogging bottoms have all been given a 90’s makeover in recent times, emulating the outrageous branding and logos we’ve seen all over the SS19 catwalks recently. 

Despite seeming completely counter-intuitive, you need to take your wardrobe back in time 20 years if you want to stay on-trend this season. 

Flaunt Your New Kicks

Since trainers are so expensive these days, it stands to reason you’d want to seize the opportunity to show them off. Well, this is exactly why so many guys are favouring tapered jeans this season, since the tighter fit around the ankle allows them to truly flaunt their new kicks. Skinny and slim-fit jeans are particularly popular for this purpose, although baggier pants are also capable of drawing attention to your trainers—so long as they’re tapered or cropped at the ankles.