5 Golden Rules for Proper Wedding Guest Attire

Wedding guests are the most important people at a wedding. They are the ones who will be there to share in the happiness of the newlywed couple. But, they should also remember that they are guests and should not overshadow the main event.

There are a lot of rules to follow when it comes to wedding attire. Wedding guests are expected to dress appropriately for the occasion. Sometimes, knowing what is appropriate and what is not can be difficult, especially when you are a guest and not the host. This article will discuss 5 golden rules for proper wedding attire.

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1) Dress to impress

The first rule of proper wedding attire is that you should dress up for the event. You need to dress right for the occasion. If you’re going to a wedding, make sure your outfit is a little fancier than your everyday wear. If you’re going to the wedding reception itself (so not the ceremony), make sure your outfit is still appropriate but more casual than your usual attire. 

It is very important that you dress well for your wedding guest attire because it is a big day for the people who are becoming a union. You want to look good, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard either – just make sure your outfit fits well and is appropriate for the occasion.

Also, when it comes to dressing up for proper wedding attire is that you should always match the color scheme of the event or venue where it’s being held in. You shouldn’t wear red if there’s no red in sight or blue if there’s no blue. Usually, the wedding invites will give you a good direction of the color scheme.

2) Don’t wear black

Black is considered a funeral color and it looks inappropriate at weddings! If black is your thing, try wearing something in another neutral or bright color instead. It’s just one event, so make sure to look good. Of course, when it comes to wedding suits, it’s usually more appropriate if they’re black.

3) Don’t over-accessorise your outfit

While wedding accessories are okay, you’ll need to try your best and find a balance in this. Avoid wearing any hats unless you’re the parent or grandparent of the couple getting married. Also, when it comes to jewelry, make sure it’s appropriate for the occasion as well. This can go as far as ties too. You want to blend in as a guest at a wedding, not stand out. Only the bride and groom are the ones that are typically allowed to stand out.

4) Avoid sandals

Wear comfortable shoes that can be worn all day long, but avoid sandals. Open-toed shoes such as heels that feature hints of toes are fine, but wearing full-on sandals or flip-flops is offensive if this isn’t a beach wedding.

5) Avoid white

This is the biggest rule of them all! Do not wear white unless it’s a white wedding! This rule is as old as time, so make sure you stick to it, or else you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb. Overall, when it comes to what to wear to a wedding just ask! If you’re in doubt, ask the bride or groom what they want you to wear and stick with it!