When Can Efficiency Be Fun In Driving?

The future generations will never know what it was like to hear the howl of the V12 thundering down a country road. Nor will they hear the loud gurgling V8 that grandpa was building in his shed.

They won’t even hear the hiss of a turbocharged V6 engines that pulled the family car along to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. They will be in cars that are efficient and quick, but most likely won’t have any of these sounds. In the future, engines will get smaller and smaller, until they are no longer needed and electric power truly takes over.

And it will happen all across the board, with every kind of car you can think of. So why not start now with something that is fun and efficient? Sooner or later, you will be looking to upgrade your car and rather than venture into the same kinds of categories, how about you try something new?

Driving the future

Everyone would like to believe that they have a chance to live in the future. We’ve had those daydream scenarios where we wake up from a deep sleep and are suddenly transported to living in a time where there are cars that are powered by ion plasma engines and can fly. Well, the next best thing is electricity and there are cars that are coming out purely powered by this energy. One of which is the Tesla Model 3, which is a sedan with 4-doors and features a 60 kWh battery. It also has 310-mile range, but it produces around 270 bhp with just over 300 ibf of torque. This means that for the average driver, it’s easy to control which is good because fully-electric cars need getting used to. They deliver their power instantly, without any need to wait unlike piston-engined cars which need to rev up into their power band. This is the future of cars, and you can be part of the very first group of people to own such a car.

Hyper-efficiency mpg

There are only a few cars in the world that can be called ‘hyper-efficient’. It’s because to be truly considered as a set from the rest, your mpg rating has to be above 50 combined. There are models that vary in this degree but a used range rover evoque can easily get up to 60 mpg combined with it’s 2.2-litre diesel engine. Considering that this is an SUV that weighs around 1,700 kg that is quite an impressive feat to accomplish. The design of the car is such that it can be seen as something that one could drive everyday. It’s got space for a family and has the ease to drive around town, the countryside or in the heart of the city. Not many cars can say they achieve the big six-o but this straight-four engine that Jaguar have designed can.

Efficient cars have had a stigma about them ever since the Prius become popular. However, they aren’t always slow or dull, and the Tesla Model 3 and the Evoque are shining examples of this.

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