What if they had internet? Five famous movie plots that would be rendered obsolete by the World Wide Web

What if the characters from famous movies used the internet, broadband or mobile data to solve their problems? We explore the answer to that question with respect to five iconic films.

There’s no denying the internet is a useful thing. Whether we’re diagnosing a medical problem, learning how to navigate a tricky work situation or troubleshooting issues in love, Brits (83% of them, in fact) love to turn to the internet to solve their dilemmas.

With our reliance on the internet becoming so widespread, how might the invention have affected classic films from decades gone by? If movie characters had the internet (such as broadband or mobile data), would the plotlines of their respective movies have been forever changed?

Here are five films that could’ve been very different had the characters used the World Wide Web to solve their dilemmas.

What if Marion from Psycho used TripAdvisor?

The shower scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho is one of the most iconic scenes of all time, but it might not have happened at all if Marion had had a mobile phone to consult. Just a quick look on TripAdvisor before she checked in to the Bates Motel, and Marion might’ve found out about the creepy owner, his strange behaviour and his fondness for playing dress up in the middle of the night. Who knows, with an online review warning her away, she could’ve enjoyed her “hard-earned” money elsewhere.

Take the eBay shortcut in the Pursuit of Happyness

We felt for Chris Gardner as he struggled to make ends meet for himself and his five-year-old son. But his bone density scanners were genius, so we can’t believe it took him so long to sell them.

If he’d put them on eBay, we’re pretty sure he would’ve sold them all quickly enough to keep his apartment (and a roof over his son’s head!), and made a handsome fortune in the process.

How to make the most of a Brief Encounter

Married to other people but spending increasingly intimate moments together, Laura and Alec try to make the most of their time. But, if they could’ve used the internet – Skype, FaceTime or even Snapchat for a selfie or two – they might’ve had the chance to develop their relationship further.

Now, we’re not in support of illicit meet-ups, virtual or otherwise, but since we’re adopting a problem-solving mindset, it’s easy to see where Alec and Laura were going wrong.

If only they’d used LinkedIn in School of Rock!

A series of unfortunate events and a lucky phone call landed Dewey Finn at Horace Green Prep School. The events that followed were admittedly hilarious, touching and rock-out entertaining, but we can’t help but think some LinkedIn sleuthing could’ve prevented the whole thing.

If Principal Mullins had only checked Ned Schneebly’s actual account against the floppy-haired imposter in front of her, she might’ve realised her mistake before Finn had disrupted the entire school.

GPS to the rescue in The Blair Witch Project

Love them or loathe them, the kids in the Blair Witch Project missed a vital trick when they decided to venture out into those haunted woods with so little equipment. Arming themselves with only a camera, map and camping gear, they quickly found themselves on the wrong side of the fabled Blair Witch. If only they’d had GPS – or Google Maps on their phone – to guide them safely out of the woods!

So, there you have it: five film plots that would have been a whole lot simpler had the characters had the internet at hand. And you know what? We could spend all afternoon thinking up plenty more.

From Romeo and Juliet sending each other an “I’m not dead” text to the characters in Office Space avoiding the office drama by working from home via the cloud, there are countless movies that might change with the help of a little modern tech. The possibilities – much like the continued growth of the World Wide Web – are endless.