What A Trip To The Country Can Do For You

Visiting the countryside can be beneficial in many ways, and not many of them are superficial. Of course, the general change in pace can truly be relaxing, especially after city living, but is there more to renting a cottage in the rural areas and spending your time away from the majority of the population?


We’d argue yes.
Let us explore a few here:

Room To Think

When you’re busy in a city, you have to constantly pay attention to your environment. While this might have become second nature to you over time (especially if you grew up in these environments,), it’s not always obvious that you are completely wired for it. Heading to an open green expanse can truly feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, and it won’t just be the sound input you have to process on a daily basis that matters. If you have room to think, you have room to reflect. If you’re looking for a vacation that truly gives you that inner space,  heading to the countryside can be your best and most efficient route for success.


The air is purer in a countryside environment. If you have respiratory problems, or any other medical issue, never doubt the benefit of great quality air. You’ll notice this as soon as you visit the location. Great clean air might make you feel tired for the first few days (trust us, it’s a thing,) but after you acclimate you’ll notice you can sleep more easily and your lungs will feel like a million bucks. There’s a reason top athletes train in more highly oxidized environments.


Heading to the countryside allows you to express fashion alternately. Clothes designed for country living can be warm, comfortable, but also very stylish and regal. We’d recommend browsing country wear for men by Schoffel, as they offer a great balance between affordability, comfort, and that premium feel necessary for a fashionable statement. From luxury fleeces to thick and supportive Wellington boots, the fashion world in the countryside is different, but no less empowering and comforting to wear.


Life moves at a slower pace in the countryside. This is important when you need to mull some things over. In the city life, which is defined by its artificial nature, it can be easy to forget the humility of more rustic and honest living. Experiencing this first hand by heading around local farmers markets, tracking through unturned farmland and experiencing public walkways can give you that relaxing visit to how humans have lived for generations and generations. It’s quite something to enter a premium, city centre bar, it’s quite another thing to enjoy a relaxing drink in a public beer garden with nothing but miles of grass and farm animals around.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a trip to the ranch farmland of Texas, the relaxing and quaint thatched cottages of the English Cotswolds, or the beautiful elegance of the South of France. We’re sure you’ll experience something to be truly grateful for.