Why are Celebrity Slot Games So Popular?

Slots have always been one of the most popular casino games- there are no two ways to it. After all, they are cheap, require little thought and strategy, and greatly rely on luck or fate, which ultimately make them an excellent game for gambling.

Slot Machines Now and Then

Before the Internet era, slots were only available in the physical form i.e. slot machines and the people had to go to brick-and-mortar casinos like MGM Grand (Las Vegas, US), Casino Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal), etc. to play them. And though there were people didn’t mind going the extra mile to play the Ellen DeGeneres Show Video Slot based on the well-known entertainers Ellen DeGeneres, or other celebrity slot games in actual casinos, things have changed now and today there are literary thousands of slot sites.

Today, we have a slew of online casinos that offer hundreds of themed-slot machines for gamblers of varying tastes and preferences. And all of these can be accessed from your mobile phone or a laptop!

Why the Hype?

It’s true that celebrity slot games are incredibly popular, especially online. But why is that? Well, the following are some of the reasons why:

1. The Celeb “Charm”
There are a number of celebrities in the world in the film industry, music industry, and others. And many of these have a cult following too. So, when people play slot games, they are naturally attracted towards the ones that are based on their favourite celebrities.

2. A Tribute to the Ones We Lost
A lot of video slots are based on iconic celebrities that are no more. Examples including Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Marilyn-Monroe, etc.
Many people play video slots of these celebrities to pay a tribute and also to take a trip down the memory lane. It’s indeed an amazing experience to play video slots while listening to the popular tunes of the past, the reminiscent graphics, the classic designs, etc.

3. A Chance to Meet the Actual Celebrity
To generate a mass appeal for the celebrity slots, many casinos run a variety of promotions from time to time. These include the offering of celebrity merchandise as winning prizes, or a chance to meet the actual celebrity!
Those who are die-hard fans of certain celebrities are easily attracted by such offers and rush to the casinos to spend all the money they have got just to meet the person of their dreams in real life.

4. Jaw-Dropping Offers and “Hard to Turn Down” Sign-Up Bonuses
The celebrity slot games are also highly popular for the same reasons why the other slot games are popular, which are amazing cash prizes and benefits.
Most of the celebrity slot games offer unbelievable sign-up bonuses, free spins, and attractive cash prizes that make it difficult to ignore them and go with something else.

5. The Astounding Variety
There was a time when we had limited celebrity video slots. A person had to be really famous to have a slot named after them. However, thanks to the online casino industry, we have all kinds of celebrity slots, even for the ones that are barely mainstream. So, even if you are a fan of a celebrity that’s not quite famous, you can easily find a game based on them.

So, now you know why celebrity slots are trending. There is a reason why you would feel inclined to prefer a Will Smith-themed video slot game if you are a fan of movies like Suicide Squad, I am Legend, Hancock, etc. In other words- it’s all psychological and emotional, but it’s also super fun!