Top 3 Ways to Enjoy a Holiday Without Getting on a Plane

Whether you’re petrified of flying or you fancy trying a different type of holiday this year, you don’t have to get on a plane to enjoy the holiday you deserve.

From cruising around the Mediterranean (from a UK port) to getting the train across Europe, there are so many cool ideas that could make sure this year’s holiday is the trip of a lifetime.

Here are some ideas to help get you started…

1. Take a Train Across Europe

If there are some European cities you’ve always wanted to explore, why not get to these by rail? With great connections across Europe, it’s incredibly simple to do, with many places offering you a one-stop booking option so you can plan your journey in advance.

Not only will you get to visit those places you’ve always wanted to, but you’ll see some wonderful sights as you’re travelling there by rail (something flying often takes away from you). This not only gives you an insight into the area but also gives you a realistic idea of just how vast the world is – and we’re pretty sure this will fuel your sense of adventure no end!

2. Book a Cruise

Like your home comforts and a touch of luxury when you go on holiday? Then a cruise from a UK port may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.
Not only do you get to while away the days onboard an exquisite cruise ship but this also gives you the chance to explore many new places. From Alaska to the Caribbean and Mediterranean, there is a whole host of options available with companies like Bolsover Club – and many of these have the option of sailing from the UK.

3. Stay at Home

OK, when we say ‘stay at home’, we don’t literally mean, stay within the four walls you live in all year round. But what we do mean is – explore the country you live in!

Even though, if you live in the UK, this doesn’t always sound the most fantastic idea due to the weather, we’re pretty sure there are places you’ll love, that could be just on your doorstep. Or, if you want to travel a bit further afield there are some wonderful hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. From travelling to the Outer Hebrides to exploring Wales’s hidden coasts, the UK is spectacular and may even have you feeling like you are abroad in some places.

These types of holidays are ideal for families, couples and everyone in between – just plan your trip to incorporate your favourite activities. For example, if you don’t like to sit around in one location for your entire holiday, why not hire a motorhome so you can explore local areas with ease, stopping off at places that take your fancy and driving by those that don’t?

As you can see, flying isn’t the only solution for your next holiday – in fact, in some ways, planes can be limiting, meaning you can’t explore areas in as greater depth. So whether you choose one of the above options or decide to plan your own road trip by car, there’s no better way to explore the world than by slower methods of transport.

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