How to Dress at a Casino

There was a time in history when going to a casino meant getting dressed up in your evening best.

Over time, the expectation of men being dressed as formally as James Bond does in the movies or women in evening attire mostly fell by the wayside. For a period of time, some casinos allowed their guests to show up in anything they chose to put on.

Today, however, most casinos are once again requiring some sort of dress code. These can vary. Some casinos favour a more casual approach, while others set expectations a little higher by putting more formal dress codes in place.

In general, a good basis for choosing what to wear to most casinos is to wear what you might expect to when going to a good restaurant. Below are some of the different dress codes found at casinos.

Casual or Business Casual

Even casinos that allow casual dress on the gambling floor do have the expectation that their guests will exercise a little common sense. Jeans or khakis, cargo shorts, loafers and a polo shirt or T-shirt are generally acceptable for men. Women, wearing a dress, skirt, slacks or jeans with a polo shirt or other top that is not too revealing with flat or heeled shoes or sneakers may also be perfectly fine to play bingo games for example.

Of course, if a guest is wearing attire that is not acceptable, a casino manager may ask the guest to change into something that is more suitable. A safe bet might be to wear business casual as you might wear when going to the office.

Business Formal

By wearing what you would in a more formal office situation, you can be assured of getting into most casinos, no questions asked. For men, this generally means wearing a tie at least, or a suit jacket Women can wear a business-style dress or suit. So if you want to play a bit of money bingo, for example, if you look good, you’ll feel good and will be on top of your game.

Black Tie or Black Tie Optional

This essentially means a more formal mode of dress and is sometimes referred to as semi-formal. Many of the larger casinos around the world require their guests to wear attire that they might wear to a social event such those at a country club or wedding reception. In Monte-Carlo, in Europe and some cruises, black tie is required casino attire. This means a dress shirt, white jacket and black bow tie and black pants and dress shoes for men. Women may choose an evening dress of a suitable length and a more formal open-toed shoe with a low or high heel.

White Tie

Most casinos will never require white tie or full formal dress of their guests. However, for some private functions such as political fundraisers, state occasions or visits, white tie dress codes have several requirements. Men are required to wear black dress coats with tails with black trousers and formal dress shoes that are black patent leather. The shirt should be white with a wing collar with a white bow tie and white vest. Women should wear floor length evening gowns with gloves and carry only an envelope-style or clutch evening purse.

The best way to know for sure what to wear when going to any casino is to call ahead and ask. If you have questions about what the dress code is to check with the concierge or front desk if you are staying at a hotel, or check with the casino management.By following the dress code requirements of the house so that everyone can help you be a better guest so that everyone has an enjoyable time.