Three Apps You Can Use Data Free While On Vacation According To JustFly

There is nothing worse than getting back from your vacation, feeling fresh and relaxed, and waking up to a nightmare phone bill. This is a common reality in a world where our phones have become so much more than just our phones. While there are many apps we “need” while on vacation, there are few that look to accommodate users who are not able to use data. Thankfully, there are some apps that do.

I reached out to JustFly, an online travel company, to see which apps they recommend for travellers who are heading overseas and don’t want to come home to the phone bill bomb in their mailbox.

Google Maps

The go to directions application, Google Maps is one of the most functional apps out there when it comes to travel. While you may think using it in another country is data-suicide, Google Maps allows you to download areas in advance of your vacation. This means you can view maps, get directions, and safely find your way all without the use of data according to JustFly’s review.

If you find yourself going to several different cities you can download them all in advance or simply when you do find a place to link up to wi-fi. Be careful though, these offline areas expire after 30 days so be mindful!

XE Currency

One of JustFly’s favourite currency converters, XE Currency allows you to make accurate currency calculations on the go. The magic is of course that you can pre-download currency valuations so you can make these calculations free of data usage. The only caveat is that your rates will not update on the go, so if the world economy crumbles while you are on vacation you may want to update the app. Just to be safe.

Audible, Spotify, and Stitcher

Do you prefer books, music, or podcasts? Regardless, there is an app you can take with you that will let you enjoy your favourites on the go! Audible allows you to download and listen to e-books wherever you are. Be aware though, Audible’s recurring billing can catch you off guard ifyou download, sign up, and forget about it. Likewise, Spotify will let you save music to your phone for data-free, offline listening.

Pro tip, if you have no intention of keeping your Spotify account, try a trail or introductory rate. You can save money and just cancel when you get home. Lastly, Stitcher is a free podcasting app. Just download your favourite episodes in advance and listen away!

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