Enjoy The UK’s Biggest Festivals From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Did you see all the mud at Glastonbury?

It was so bad that it’s been named the muddiest ever with founder Michael Eavis saying he hadn’t seen anything like it in the music event’s 46-year history. As a result, festival-goers spent up to 14 hours trying to get into the site before wading through knee-deep mud just to pitch their tent.

Mud at Glastonbury

Sure, they got to see the likes of Adele and Coldplay headlining the Pyramid Stage – but despite the rain and muddy conditions they were unable to have a shower for five days and, after sleeping on the uncomfortable floor of a tent, probably didn’t get much sleep either.

With that in mind, what if you could enjoy the UK’s biggest festivals, without the adverse conditions that normally come with them? What if you could have front row seats – which you could easily get back to, even when you need to leave your spot to get a drink or have a wee? Then, when the music is over, you could enjoy a hot bubbly bath before getting into your comfortable bed for a full night’s sleep? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it!

Well, while it might not sound possible, it is. In fact, rather than trekking half way across the country, you don’t even need to leave your own home.

All you need is a TV, a full surround sound system – for the complete immersive experience – food, drink and of course, friends!


Still not convinced?

Well, firstly after paying for the ticket, transport, food and drink – the list goes on – you will have spent around £600! If you have the festival at home, you could buy yourself a brand new wide screen TV (which will last far beyond the weekend) – and still have money left over to stock up on booze and burgers!

Several festivals are on TV including V Festival, Reading and Leeds – you could even re-live Glastonbury on the big screen thanks to iPlayer!

Worried about all the planning that’s involved?

Don’t be – it has already been done for you! If you fancy throwing a V-Party click here and you’ll find recipes, details of where and when to watch it as well as the best products for the perfect experience.

You can still don your flowery headbands and cover your faces in glitter. You can still see Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Bastille, David Guetta and so on – but you don’t have to worry about the rain, not being able to have a wash, large crowds of drunken unruly teenagers or not getting enough sleep to enjoy yourself the next day!



If you do want more of a festival experience (and the weather is on your side) why not turn the TV so it’s facing into the garden? You could even set up a tent, you just have the luxury of being able to fill it with duvets and pillows to make it extra comfy.

While you probably can’t afford to go to every festival across the summer- you can definitely afford to enjoy all of them from your own home.

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