The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Streetwear

Streetwear has come to mean many different things, with so many brands now jumping on the hype; from traditional sportswear brands to high-end designers. Men’s streetwear in particular has taken the fashion industry by storm, and if you’re trying to build your own streetwear wardrobe, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was easy.

With the trend now meaning so much more than a t-shirt and pair of trainers, it’s key that you are able to put together staple pieces along with fresh additions to keep your outfits on point. So, if you’re looking for a guide to men’s streetwear to get you started, here are some top tips. 

Start with a great pair of jeans

No matter your style or gender, denim is usually the foundation of any great wardrobe. Having a failsafe pair of jeans in your wardrobe is key; they are so versatile that you can easily build any look from a denim starting point.

It’s important to invest in quality and durable jeans, as you will absolutely get your wear out of them and you don’t need them falling apart after two washes. Consider what wash to go for; in streetwear circles, raw denim is usually the favourite, which means it hasn’t undergone the usual washing or distressing processes.

Raw denim has a darker blue hue, making it the perfect choice for day or evening wear.

Invest in some military-style designs

Military and utilitarian designs have been at the forefront of streetwear for some time, taking inspiration from army uniforms of decades gone by. From parka jackets, aviator jackets, cargo pants and overshirts, there is a huge choice of styles to add some additional streetwear staples to your wardrobe. 

Go for traditional military colours like khaki or navy and you can’t go wrong, giving you some streetwear pieces that can be styled in a number of different ways. Think a parka jacket over a sweatshirt and jeans, or bomber jacket over a printed t-shirt.

Have a tracksuit to hand

A tracksuit was once deemed the very opposite of fashionable, but now that is certainly not the case. It’s the ultimate off-duty, casual look that oozes streetwear style effortlessly. Some would say it’s a status symbol and many luxury designers now offer their own take on it.

The best advice when investing in a streetwear tracksuit is to keep it simple; heather grey or black are your best options for all-round style. Look for subtle design features like panelling, zips or tape detail to add an extra dimension to your casual look.

The ultimate finishing touch

No streetwear wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of fresh trainers. There are so many styles to choose from, with trends moving away from basketball trainers and more towards running styles. 

Consider building a trainer wardrobe that consists of a couple of different designs, allowing you to rotate your favourites depending on the occasion. Choose a solid pair of everyday, court-style trainers that offer a versatile design to be worn with anything. 

Combine this with a running style trainer for a more sporty look, and maybe even consider adding in a braver, more colourful pair for those days when you need to jazz up a simple outfit.

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