The best cars for young drivers: Country v City

Whether you’ve just started learning or have passed your test, perhaps you’re a parent looking at buying your son or daughter their first car. But what are the best models out there, and what should you be considering when looking at buying a car for a young driver?

Where will you be driving?

It’s worth thinking about the type of driving that you’ll be doing the most often. For example, if you live in a town or city, you’ll want something a little nippier, perhaps with parking sensors, or even parking assist. Whereas if you live in the countryside, a car that drives well across muddier terrains would be beneficial. 

Best town and city cars

City cars are ideal if you’ll be spending most of your time driving through congested streets, with a lot of start-stopping. You’ll want to invest in one that’s small and highly manoeuvrable. 

Skoda Citigo

The Skoda Citigo is a great first car if you need to zip around busy streets. It’s also cheap to run thanks to its 1.0-litre petrol engine. Thanks to its comfy suspension and the car’s light weight it’s surprisingly agile.

Vauxhall Corsa

The archetypal first car, the Vauxhall Corsa is a safe and sturdy car. Low insurance groups, and cheap running costs make it an appealing option. And the sixth-generation Corsa features an all-electric ‘Corsa-e’. 

Best countryside cars

If you live in a more rural village, or countryside setting a car that can manoeuvre over trickier terrain whilst still retaining control should definitely be considered.

Mini Countryman

The Mini has been given an update and Peter Vardy offers a range of Mini’s including the Countryman – perfect for countryside driving. A compact SUV, the Mini Countryman offers practicality and sturdiness and a wealth of safety features making it perfect for young drivers. 

Fiat 500X

Similar in style to the Fiat 500, the Fiat 500X is a stylish and small SUV crossover and is confident at travelling over a host of terrains. Its chunkier in appearance compared with the Fiat 500, but it’s still easy to handle.

When choosing a car for a young driver, substance over style should always win out. It’s always worth checking the safety rating of a car to ensure it’s suitable to your requirements. You may also want to think about taking a Pass Plus test to give you a bit more real-world driving experience once you’ve passed your test. Sometimes your car insurance goes down once you’ve taken the test too!