The Tennis Bracelet and its Popularity

A diamond tennis bracelet is a dynamic gold bracelet that has one or more rows of diamonds. Despite the name, it was not intended to be worn while playing a game of tennis. 

This particular piece of jewellery is named after the legendary tennis player Chris Evert. Evert misplaced her expensive diamond bracelet during a tennis match in 1987. She begged the game to be paused so she could find her bracelet. The action was carried live on television, thus the entire globe witnessed this incredible spectacle. Since that day, this type of bracelet has been referred to as a tennis bracelet. 

Let’s have some more information about tennis bracelets.

The popularity of enticing tennis bracelets:

Because of the occurrence during the match 30 years ago, this type of bracelet gained international notice. Immediately, anybody who could afford a diamond desired one. 

Nevertheless, this isn’t the only reason diamond tennis bracelets are still popular and regarded as must-have ornaments. The never-ending row(s) of diamonds gives the impression of unending splendour. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way?

Tennis bracelets are ageless in our opinion. Tennis bracelets are among the most popular jewellery of all time due to its adaptability and classy elegance. It could be found with solitaire diamond engagement rings and infinity bands. Another thing is certain: a diamond tennis bracelet can never go wrong. It will never be out of fashion.

The designing of tennis bracelet:

Tennis bracelets are traditionally made of round, colourless diamonds set in 18 karat white gold or platinum. However, new variants of the tennis bracelet have developed over time. Tennis bracelets made of 18 karat yellow gold and 18 karat rose gold are extremely popular these days. However, jewellers often innovate with the stones themselves.

How to wear or style them?

With watch: Incorporate a luxury watch to draw attention to the stunning diamond. This helps to improve your fashion sense. Choose fantastic timepieces and a matching bracelet to achieve the ideal fashion look.

This doubles the shine and makes you appear cool and fashionable. You may wear both throughout the day and at night.

With colorful clothing: Colorful clothing is stylish and a terrific way to liven up your day. Dress in bright hues to show off your dazzling diamond bracelet flashes.

Choose your outfit carefully in order to layer nicely with the gem and get the desired brilliance. Diamond stones offer a fashionable touch to your bracelet, so pair it with a comfy, colourful attire.

Don’t forget to add it up in your bridal dress: A tennis bracelet is a beautiful accessory to wear to a wedding. Your outfit is well complemented by the exquisite and sleek elegance. Make it count.

To produce a brilliant finale, bring out the magnificent shining row of diamonds. Choose a gorgeous gown that complements the costly diamond piece.

Final thoughts:

Tennis bracelets will always be fashionable. Begin your collection of fantastic jewellery with the tennis bracelet. With a tennis bracelet, elegance and grace go hand in hand and compliment one another. It’s time to up your fashion game by wearing this diamond jewel.

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