Is Riding a Cruiser Bike Good Exercise?

Cycling is good exercise, period. Though cycling using a cruiser bike brings a level of fun to fitness, ordinary cycling doesn’t. The top cruiser bikes for men, in particular, are excellent for keeping fit during the summer months. They let you explore the beaches and experience warm summer nights while benefiting from a low-impact exercise.

But aside from providing a decent workout, what other reasons do you have for riding a cruiser bike? We can think of a ton, but below are some really good ones.

Why Ride a Cruiser Bike?

Fitness goals aside, here are other reasons you might want to hop on the cruiser bike bandwagon.

1. Summer Cruising

Summer is especially ideal for slowing things down and taking them easy. Riding a cruiser bike, you can take the scenic route to in-town destinations, feeling the fresh air and taking in the beautiful surroundings. While you may have seen these areas before, you experience them differently on a cruiser bike. Like an ordinary bicycle, these rides make you feel one with nature.

If you’re the type to go on spontaneous trips to the beach, the cruiser bike is your ideal ride. Most are designed with enough storage for a solo beach trip and they’re super-relaxing to ride. Sometimes, one just needs a break from the fast-paced life, and even better to provide that relaxing conveyance than an ordinary bike is a cruiser bicycle.

2. Relaxation

We thought to give “fitness” more emphasis on account of the word “relaxing” constantly being associated with cruiser bikes. While there is no disputing how calming and freeing riding these vehicles are, it can also deliver the necessary intensity when needed. We don’t call these rides effective fat burners for nothing. Following a good cycling program consistently, one should be able to get fit and stay fit riding their cruiser bikes.

If you’re cycling daily during the summer, let two or three days per week be about high-intensity training. That said, work yourself towards that level of training first if you’re a beginner. Cycling may be among the more accessible activities for getting fit, but it should still be a step-by-step process for everyone.

3. Beach Party Ride

Need a ride to the nearest party, pronto? Well, there’s certainly no need to hitch a ride with one of your friends who takes so long to get ready. As soon as you’re dressed to kill for a bonfire celebration, you can hop on your bike and make your way there. Someone has to get the party started, right?

Just make sure to chain your ride securely on a bike rack or some nearby railings. You still want to be a responsible bike owner even while parting the night away.

Another thing about cruiser bikes that make them good beach party transportation is they’re easily customizable. If you’re in charge of bringing food and drinks to a party, install a basket or replace your bike’s existing one with a bigger alternative. The night won’t have even begun, and you’ll already be everyone’s favorite!

4. Wide Tires

In case you didn’t know, wide tires mean more traction and safety on gravel roads. Since these tend to be your most frequented paths during the summer, a cruiser bike should prove the more efficient and responsible transportation choice.

Wide tires are also more effective for navigating sidewalks and boardwalks. They offer more control and really provide the necessary friction for safe braking. Considering the surface you’re on and the number of people around, these configurations are necessary.

5. Comfort

Not all cruiser bikes are created equal, but models belonging to the same price range should provide the same type of comfort more or less. Designed for more leisurely bike rides, cruiser bikes tend to be highlighted by their comfort more than any other feature.

That said, comfort and intensity are not mutually exclusive, and some cruiser bike models definitely showcase both quite impressively. Cruiser bikes for exercise provide optimal comfort for leisure riding and heavy training purposes. They’re often the conveyance of choice for cycling and fitness enthusiasts who are on a break from their training.

6. Weight Loss

As far as bikes go, a cruiser bike might not be your first choice for losing weight. That said, cycling of all types is great calorie-burners, and cruiser cycling can help lessen the pressure for beginners.

Cruiser bikes are designed for leisurely strolling, focusing on riding for relaxation and enjoyment rather than exercise and weight loss. Though, you could get plenty of the latter two regardless. The lack of added pressure can work wonders for one’s weight loss journey.

So, Does a Cruiser Bike Provide Good Exercise?

A cruiser bike might not necessarily be everyone’s first choice for cycling for exercise, but it can offer an excellent workout regardless. Plus, it removes that added pressure beginners often feel when starting their fitness journey. Using this bike, exercise becomes synonymous with fun and relaxation instead of just being plain “exercise.”