The best food apps for your phone in 2021

Most of us are trying to be a bit more healthy in the new year, but it’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to food choices and eating well. Either a lack of inspiration or a shortage of ingredients can lead to a downward spiral in terms of diet, making the need for food apps and the like a very real one. In fact, many people use food apps on their smartphones to help generate dinner ideas or even follow a specific diet plan. 

As a society, we have certainly become far more reliant on our smartphones. As our miniature handheld devices have progressed, so too have the options available to us as users. Now we are inundated with a variety of apps from a range of different genres. You can also surf the web to find holiday advice, settle down for some online roulette at Slots Heaven or stream some videos on YouTube. As our phones have shown dramatic improvements, we have become more reliant on them. 

In the case of food apps, whether you’re a dedicated foodie keen to find the best eateries or you’re eager to have thousands of recipes right at your fingertips, there are an array of excellent creations out there. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best food apps out right now. 

Open Table 

A hugely popular app at the moment, Open Table allows you to make restaurant reservations from your own phone. The more reservations you make and the more restaurants you eat at, the more likely it is that you can earn cashback and various coupons. Open Table rewards its users for eating out. The app also offers excellent reviews of different places to eat at, as well as providing photos and videos so you can gauge in more detail if it is the establishment for you or not. 

Happy Cow 

Vegetarianism has always been popular, but the vegan way of life is now gathering momentum also. In order to locate the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants from around the world, download Happy Cow. Happy Cow will let you filter out the restaurants you don’t want. For example, if you’re only searching for a vegan restaurant, then only vegan recommendations will show up. There are directions to your chosen location, pictures, videos, reviews and a whole lot more on what is an  excellent and well-designed app.

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If you’re keen to unearth some unusual and interesting recipes, then Yummly could be for you. The app lets you refine your refine searches based on dietary restrictions. You can set eating times and reminders, as well as using a selection of helpful tools and watching interesting video content.


Foursquare gives you the option of browsing a wide variety of places to eat and drink. People can leave comments and share their opinion on various restaurants, allowing you to get a clearer insight into what certain establishment offer. It has clever, shareable features also, with the option to share content on social media and join what is a global community of users. 

Chefs Feed 

If you’re after some recipe inspiration from some of the country’s top chefs, then Chefs Feed is a solid option. The app highlights some delicious dishes in your area, and it comes with drinking guides, tips and advice from industry experts, exclusive videos and stories, a map of restaurants and bars in your local community, as well as lists to create and share recipes or any ideas you might have. Chefs Feed has you covered on everything related to food. 

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