Taking Your Habits To A Festival

Festivals have been gaining a huge amount of popularity over the last few years, with loads of people across the world engaging in this sort of activity. Giving you the chance to embrace your creative side, these sorts of events are great, and it makes sense that so many people like to spend their time at them. Of course, though, they can often present some challenges when it comes to maintaining your habits. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the hardest elements of a modern festival; the parts which you’d often have to live without.

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Since they already have you trapped on site after you’ve bought your expensive tickets, it makes sense that everyday products will be more expensive at a festival. Cigarettes are a great example of this, with some events marking them up by a huge margin, while also giving you very little choice. Getting your hands on a box mod, a rebuildable tank atomiser, and some e liquid should be all you need to solve this problem. While you will need to charge some batteries, this can be handled with a portable battery bank, and your device will be far more likely to survive the conditions in a tent than a pack of cigarettes would.

Toilet Time

For a lot of people, the time they spend in the bathroom is considered akin to something sacred, and this is one of the biggest challenges you might face when you go to a festival. The facilities in places like this are notoriously bad, with thousands of drunk party-goers using them for days on end, often in scorching heat. Keeping a sealable bottle in your tent can be a good way to avoid using these toilets for urination, though you will have to be more creative if you need to do something more serious. Sanitary toilet seat covers can be very handy, giving you at least some barrier between yourself and the disgusting seats on offer.


Along with things like smoking and going to the toilet, food can also be an issue when you go to a festival. It’s just about impossible to find the food you’d usually eat at a place like this, and a lot of people struggle when they have to change their diet, making it worth preparing for this before you set off. Camping stoves can be found very cheaply online, giving you an opportunity to make something similar to the food you’d usually cook. Of course, though, some events have banned these items, and this means you may have to be more creative. There are plenty of meals which can be prepared and eaten cold, as long as you have some sort of ice box to keep them cool in. You can even bring along some snacks if you’re worried you’ll spend too much.


It’s become very common for people to drive wherever they need to go, even when they only have short journeys to make. Not only is this bad for the planet, it is also something which you will struggle to take to a festival, with most of these events banning cars. Bikes can be a great replacement for this, giving you the chance to get across a campsite in no time at all. While you can’t take your driving habits with you, you can replicate them with a vehicle like this, and this may even prepare you to limit your driving a little once you get home.


Finally, as the last habit to consider, it’s time to think about drinking. While it’s better to avoid drinking on a regular basis, a lot of people engage in this while they are at home, and this makes it important that you’re able to do it while you’re away. Of course, a festival is a great place for those who like an evening drink, though you will have to be careful to make sure that you can take everything you need with you. Carrying drinks onto the festival site will be a lot of work, but buying them once you get there will cost a small fortune. This makes it well worth spending some time figuring out how you’re going to provision for this before you arrive.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of taking your habits to a festival with you. A lot of people struggle to live a normal life at an event like this, though this doesn’t mean that you have to leave everything at home.