Super ads & movie trailers at Super Bowl 50

Superbowl 2016

It’s often said that the advertising that takes place on U.S TV during and just before the Super Bowl is the most expensive anywhere. For this year’s Super Bowl 50, the rate hit around $5 million with the CBS TV Station for a 30-second slot – the highest rate ever achieved.


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Consequently, these are also some of the most inventive, innovative, funny and downright creative ads anywhere.This is because so much cash goes into the production – and yet these costs are still relatively small next to the costs of actually buying the air time.

Some of the best ads going with this year’s Super Bowl, for example, came from the likes of Hyundai, Doritos and Heinz. Many of the fans will tell you the ads are as entertaining as the game itself and the annual showdown between Coca-Cola and Pepsi usually spawns some wonderfully creative ads.

But this year’s game was pretty exciting as the slight pre-match favourites, the Carolina Panthers, went down to the Denver Broncos by 24-10. And the Broncos have already been established as one of the favourites in the betting for next year’s Super Bowl – although, notably, the Panthers are closer in the market.

The Broncos were ably assisted in their win by veteran quarterback Peyton Manning, now 39. And though many expected him to announce his retirement, he hasn’t done so yet. So, maybe there’s another Super Bowl in this superstar? And if so, there’s also surely a movie waiting to be made about Manning if only because he’s lasted so long in the toughest of sports.And if that ever does come to pass, you can safely bet that the movie itself will get some trailer air-play during a future Super Bowl final.
Because, just like the standard commercial product advertising, there’s also a huge amount of attention in and around the Super Bowl on the latest movie releases. This is for the same reason – the vast audience.

This gives movie fans a neat short-cut to be able to have a quick look at all the top movie trailers – particularly as all the movies trailed at Super Bowl 50 are viewable online.

Of course, you could also argue that you’re getting a somewhat skewed view of reality given the fact that the studios had to shell out $5 million for each 30-second’s worth. This means the film trailers featured tended to be blockbusters, or at least, potential blockbusters. But that amount of cash also demonstrates a commitment to the movies the studios are confident are going to be big sellers, as they’ve all been tried tested with limited preview audiences.

The movies promoted on CBS during this year’s Super Bowl included a first look at the newly titled Jason Bourne film, a glimpse at the mysterious 10 Cloverfield Lane movie, the super-villain Krang in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, a few glimpses at Batman v Superman, along with ads for Independence Day: Resurgence, X-Men: Apocalypse, and many others.