Streamline Your Wardrobe and Save Time

Have you got a cluttered wardrobe or have your clothes already burst from your closet and are starting to creep their way across your bedroom? While most of us intend to have a streamlined wardrobe, our clothing collections can quickly get out of control and even with the best intentions, we can quickly end up under a mountain of clothes – most of which you might only wear once or twice before foregoing them for something new.

We are already a few years on from the widely regarded KonMari method of tossing out old belongings that no longer spark feelings of joy and in that time your clean and organised home may have already started to look busy and gained additional clutter. 

Before you pack away the last few bits of winter clothing to make space for your summer selections, take the time to have a sort through and create a wardrobe that takes up less space but still has the style to get you through every occasion. 

Keep It Simple and Style With Accessories

You don’t need to make a statement with your clothes but can keep your wardrobe simplistic in favour of choosing accessories that provide a bit of razzle-dazzle or a flash of colour. Even a monochromatic colour scheme can turn heads when jazzed up with a pair of contemporary or personalised cufflinks and a coordinating tie bar. 

A simple white shirt for both men and women can be styled in a variety of ways to make it suitable for formal, informal and casual events using a colourful tie or buttoned down with a necklace. 

Repurpose Clothing That Isn’t Usable

Are you still holding on to clothes with so many holes or threadbare patches that they are likely to fall off if you try them on? You don’t have to throw these items away if they are tied to strong memories or someone dear but instead, can repurpose items into something useful like a cushion or fabric noticeboard or use parts of items to make decorative pieces for your home. 

For example, lots of people buy and keep band tour t-shirts as memorabilia when going to live concerts but may not want to wear these regularly. Using a box frame, you can display the t-shirt, alongside your ticket and any photos you took and hang this somewhere in your home. It’s a great way to celebrate a nice memory and provides a talking point with any visitors. 

Shop More Efficiently

Many people tend to find something they like and then shop around to find something that will go with it, or they will hold onto an item of clothing while they try and find the ‘perfect complimentary item’ to accompany it. This just leads to buying more clothing as one purchase leads to another and then another. Shop efficiently and only buy clothes or accessories that complement or add to your existing collection. Not only keeping your wardrobe manageable but reducing the impact on your wallet as well. 

Fall Behind the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is designed to sell clothes, that’s why they are forever revealing new styles and this month’s ‘new black’. You don’t need to keep up with the fashion industry to look the part and it can be better for your wallet and your mental health to avoid always playing catch up and trying to keep up with the Jones’. There is nothing to gain from constantly being ‘on trend’ and it’s better to find your own style and be comfortable and happy in yourself and what you choose to wear. 

Minimalist or capsule wardrobes are on the rise and can save you time and hassle every morning and at laundry time so start downsizing your clothing collection today.