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As far as fashion accessories go, the big news from 2015 has to be the return of the wristwatch. Although the classic timepiece of old may have fallen out of favour in some circles, a new breed of elegant and intelligent watches are taking the world by storm and the wrist is now once again the centre of attention.


Tech brands such as Apple and Huawei have released innovative new products recently, but now Timex, a manufacturer with a unmistakable classic heritage has created the IRONMAN Classic 50 Move+, a watch that takes it cues from the original Ironman design (a watch so tough it was used in the 80’s by military personnel) but as you can see in the video it’s enhanced by technology to include many state-of-the-art features.

There’s a 3D accelerometer to monitor your steps and calories burned (ideal if you have a big lunch and want to run back to the office), or if you are more serious about your fitness you can track activity data and use it as part of a comprehensive training regime to keep you in shape.


In addition to it’s fitness motivational capabilities, connect it to your smartphone via a free Timex App and sync your calendar to display appointments and reminders to keep you heading on the right track. Unlike its superhero namesake the watch is powered by a coin cell battery that you don’t need to plug in every 5 minutes, oh and it’s also waterproof to 100 metres, so it’s not the end of the world if you did accidentally drop it down the toilet. Not that anyone has ever done that before right?

For more info visit the Timex Website

This video is sponsored by Timex, but all thoughts are my own.

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