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#FeelsGoodToBeYou 7UP

If you happen to go Magda Sayeg’s official website it will tell you the acclaimed textile artist is considered to be, and I quote  ‘…the Mother of Yarn Bombing’.  Now I don’t know about you but when I went to my career officer she definitely didn’t mention anything about the possibilities of being paid to cover large objects in wool. If she had’ve done, I’m sure there would have been more than a few people interested in the vacancy.

To help promote 7up’s #FeelsGoodToBeYou advertising campaign Magda’s been in London recently and as you can see from the video she brought with her a huge bag of wool too. With the aid of a couple of assistants, Magda set about transforming the old Routemaster double-decker into a living, driving, unique work of art.

The finished result looks like a cross between an explosion in a paint factory and the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour. It’s certainly turned a few heads around the capital and you can definitely see it coming. If it stops near you you can also jump on board and snap away inside their very own Instagram booth.

To find out more search the hashtag #FeelsGoodToBeYou on Twitter and watch the streets, you never know what Madga, the knitting queen will be Yarn Bombing next. I’m not sure what you think, but the Gherkin could be a good one.

This post has been sponsored by 7up but all thoughts are my own.

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