Sponsored Video: Doritos Roulette Firewalk Challenge

Doritos Roulette

There’s something of the Twin Peaks in this Firewalk Challenge video from Doritos (see below). Maybe it’s the strange lift operator or the mean and moody music. I’m not sure, but I do know something, if I was walking through Norwich with a couple of friends on a Saturday night and someone asked me if I was up for a bold challenge, I’d probably be a lot more suspicious than this lot.

Mind you from the look of things, this is a London based challenge and they were probably just relieved they weren’t been asked to take survey, or even worse buy a banging ‘DJ mix’ CD.

Eating #DoritosRoulette packets, while much safer than the traditional Russian Roulette is still not without some danger. Some of the Doritos in each packet are UTLRA spicy, adding an unpredictable edge to those sly mid-movie sofa dips.

In the video the volunteers get to pick a door and depending on their luck get either a comfy chesterfield sofa (possibly with unlimited free Doritos) to sit on, or slightly less fortunate… a fireman with a very hot floor to walk across.

As it happens Firewalking is all about mind control, if you can trick your feet into believing they are not hot, then you won’t get burnt. Apparently anyway, I’ve not actually tried it myself. I’m more of a supportive, encouraging kind of guy. I mean, what kind of person would let their friend do a Firewalk for a private jet flight and not have their socks ready to put on at the end? Definitely not me.

This video is sponsored by Doritos, but all thoughts are my own (don’t try Firewalking at home, it’s dangerous and will ruin your carpet)