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G Shock Casio

It might be an obvious cliché, but there’s no such thing as a fast-track to success and you’ll usually find the typical ‘overnight’ sensation has put in a lot of dedication to get to that ‘night before’ stage.

To help promote their latest range of G-Shock watches, Casio have paired up with some incredibly dedicated individuals connected by a shared sense of perseverance and innovation to their particular art forms. One of these talents is Oluwaseyi Sosanya, originally from Portland in the US, his design philosophy is one of ‘revolution not evolution’, and his primary design goals come from not just tweaking what has already been, but to look at things from a whole new perspective. This approach enabled him to come up with the now hugely successful Bamboo iPhone case while still working as an apprentice in his first ever job.

With an inkling of his own potential, Oluwaseyi was then able to enrol in a joint master’s course with The Royal College of Arts and Imperial College London studying Innovation, Design Engineering from which he invented a pretty amazing loom that allowed the weaving of materials in three dimensions. It’s hoped the technique will inspire a new breed of innovators to come along and design products that re-write the rules once again, and so the cycle continues.

As far as the G-Shock watches go, they also combine dedication, innovation and engineering. The smallest micro motors controlled by high-speed processors ensure total accuracy in both analogue and digital functions (that’s hands and a screen to you and me). A two-piece forged stainless steel bezel protects the watches and ensures that, rather like the individuals in the campaign, it’ll take the hard knocks life dishes out along the way and keep on going. Oh, and they look cool too.

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