Spinning Back in Time: The Resurgence of Vinyl in Modern Music Culture 

You may have thought vinyl records were a thing of the past, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Now more than ever it’s time to dust off your parents’ old player and start purchasing records from your favourite artists. 

In 2022, vinyl sales overtook CDs for the first time in 35 years and reached £116.8 million in sales by the end of that year. It’s no surprise. For many, vinyls provide a superior sound and a music experience that completely eclipses that offered by CDs and electronic devices. 

This 80s revival has also seen the resurgence of turntables and record players as gifts and personal treats. But what has prompted this major comeback? Here are a few reasons why vinyl records are emerging in modern music culture: 

Sound Quality 

The warm and rich sound created by vinyl records is unarguably their best quality and what makes them superior to other music formats. The analogue format allows for uncompressed music that is a more accurate representation of the original recording. You are better able to hear the nuances and subtleties envisioned by the artist.  

The mastering process allows for better dynamics compared to digital formats which is similar to hearing a live performance. 


The vinyl resurgence has prompted many labels to reissue classic albums in record form and release previously unavailable music for a more immersive music experience. Some vintage sounds have not yet been converted to a digital file, so they are only accessible through a record player.  

This nostalgic element plays a large role in listening to records. Listening to your favourite tune through a record player can bring back a rush of sentimental memories. This same emotional response may not necessarily be evoked by listening through your headphones. 


The revival of vinyls and iconic music pieces have been heavily influenced by their inclusion in popular TV shows such as Stranger Things. There are many magical music moments in this award-winning Sci-Fi series that have offered a trip down memory lane for older admirers and a reimagining of 80s classics for younger viewers. 

Tracks that have since re-entered the charts thanks to their inclusion in the show include Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash and Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush. 

Listening Habits 

Maybe the most significant change records have brought has to do with consumer listening habits. While Spotify and other music streaming platforms allow listeners the flexibility of dipping in and out of artists’ work, vinyl records have brought many of us back to collecting albums and listening to them in their entirety. It also means record collections are making a comeback too. 

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