Most Underrated Places to Visit in London

London is a city with an enormous amount to offer the average tourist. Ask anyone in the world about what there is to see and do in London, and the chances are that you’ll hear mention of a few famous landmarks and attractions. In many cases, you’ll about more than a few of them!

But the fact is that there’s more to the city than Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. Let’s give some deserved attention to the lesser-known corners of the city. If you’d like to visit the city, then the train is a great way to do it. Trains to London allow you to get there, while the trains within the city (overground and underground) provide an excellent means of getting around.

Kyoto Garden

You’ll find this tranquil little garden in the middle of Holland Park, in Kensington. It came to be in 1992, to mark the arrival of the Japan Festival. It was constructed as a gift from the city of Kyoto, and supplemented two decades later by the Fukushima Garden, which also sits in Holland Park.

There are a number of amazing Japanese plants here, along with a waterfall and a host of free-roaming peacocks.

Spitalfields and Brick Lane

Spitalfields is a corner of the city’s East End, famous for the most part for its incredible Italian food market, but also for the unique shopping environment that is Brick Lane. This street runs between Bethnal Green and Whitechapel, and offers a diverse range of boutique fashion outlets, street art and curry houses. Whatever your taste, you’ll find something to cater to them here.

Hampstead Heath Pergola

If you’re in the vicinity of the Heath, then you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to the iconic pergola, which comprises a stone walkway surrounded by pillars and overgrown by verdure. It was constructed for Lord Leverhulme, who used it to host his garden parties. It’s in the middle of a garden for a former manor house, now demolished.

Little Venice

If you’d like a break from the hustle and bustle of life in the middle of the city, then you might pay a visit to the narrow canals and dense greenery of Little Venice. You can check out the canal boats in their moorings as you take your stroll along the edge.


This little corner of the city is dripping with history. It’s the site of some of the most influential scientific discoveries in history. Today, you can visit the Observatory, from where the entire city is visible on a clear day. You might also check out the Cutty Sark, once the fastest ship in the world, which now forms part of the Royal Museums Greenwich.

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