Small Changes to the Kitchen That Can Have a Big Impact

If you are looking to revamp your kitchen but you do not want to spend a fortune or disrupt your life too much, then there are many great ways that you can do this. Making a few small changes can breathe new life into the space and this will be much easier and more affordable, so here are a few of the best options available to you.

Change the Format of the Kitchen

Another way to transform the kitchen but one which will require a little bit more effort is to change the format of the kitchen. One of the best ways to do this is to have a kitchen island installed from a specialist like Hammonds — it is amazing the difference that this can have to your home because it can provide much more space when you are cooking, but it can also make the kitchen become a social space which can make a big difference to your entire life especially if you like to host.

Painting the Doors/Cabinets

One of the most effective, cheapest and easiest ways to completely transform your kitchen is simply to paint the doors, cabinets and cupboards a different colour. Similar to painting the walls, this will revitalise the space and could help you to achieve an entirely new style in the kitchen without having to spend much money at all.

Update the Lighting

Lighting is incredibly important in the kitchen, so you might find that updating this can make the space safer and more practical while also improving the style of the room. You could opt for energy efficient lighting which will be helpful for lowing your energy bills and consumption.

Update Kitchen Tools/Accessories

Updating the kitchen tools and accessories that you use can not only improve your cooking experience, but also breathe new life into the space. You could also experiment with different positionings, such as hanging utensils like cooking spoons and spatulas from the wall which adds visual appeal while also making them quick and easy to reach.


Plants are always a great way to improve any area of the home, including the kitchen. Having your own herbs in the kitchen can improve the visual appeal, add fragrance to the entire home and also help to improve your cooking so they can certainly be a great addition.

These are a few simple yet highly effective ways to transform your kitchen and combining these could revitalise the space without having to put too much work in or spend too much money. The kitchen is an indelibly important part of the home and an area that should be practical but also stylish, so finding ways to revitalise this space should help you to achieve this and make it an area that you take pride in.