Sex around the UK

In the last year or so, it’s safe to say that many things have changed. Whether that be social distancing, remote working or reduced overseas travel. However, did you know that according to recent research, our sex lives have also seen a dramatic change?  

As many of us were locked in with our partners, according to a recent study by Hunkemöller, more than 9 million brits admit to having more sex in 2020/21 than they had previously and a further one in ten UK couples had “more exciting sex” over the past 12 months. 

But what cities around the UK are having the most sex?

If you’re wondering how frisky people in your city then you may be interested to know that London has been crowned the nations friskiest city, according to a recent poll, with forty-three per cent of residents admitting they’ve been enjoying more sex, and a more exciting sex life across the past 12 months.

The study of more than 2,000 Brits, by European lingerie specialists Hunkemöller, also learnt that more than nine million Brits were having more sex than ever before over the past year, with one in ten (9%) revealing their sex life had become more exciting in that time frame.

And London residents weren’t the only ones frolicking between the sheets. According to the same study, although London crowned the top spot on the frisk-o-meter, Southampton, Newcastle, Birmingham, and Belfast also claimed top spots. Good work!

However, unfortunately, some cities were less than lucky in the bedroom department. Sadly, for Manchester residents, the past year has not been quite as lucrative in the bedroom as they may have liked. Sorry Manchester!  

But it’s not just the frequency of our sexual endeavours that’s changed. We’ve also been getting a little more, shall we say… adventurous. 

Over the last 12 months, one in ten UK couples had “more exciting sex” over the past 12 months, with an increasing number of couples experimenting in the bedroom. So much so, that sex toy sales are up a staggering 600% on April 2020.  

But it’s not just sex toys that are booming – 7.9 million Brits have also invested in sexy underwear in that time frame. From sexy red lingerie sets to some more daring numbers, both men and women have been splashing the cash on some cheeky lingerie sets. 

As well as more ‘daring’ underwear sets, one in ten couples (10%) also admitted they’d been more adventurous with their sexual antics. Whether that be role play, sex toys, dressing up or otherwise – there’s one thing for sure: as a nation, we’ve been getting much friskier between the sheets.  

As life appears to be going back to something that resembles normal, we hope we can hang on to our newfound bedroom antics. 

Well done everyone – long may your enriched sex lives continue.