More than just a pretty face – Victoria Fox

Victoria FoxCardiff based artist Victoria Fox’s talents range from glamour modelling to body painting, but her real passion lies in creating vibrant and provocative animations.

When I first met artist and glamour model Victoria Fox, I shooed away the usual thoughts that tear through my mind when presented with such a striking specimen: she must be shallow, flaky, gets by on her looks rather than on merit. That’s intimidation for you, folks.

Sweet, self-effacing and softly-spoken, this tattoo-clad, raven-haired beauty pitches the glamour puss stereotype right out the window. Brushing off judgements based on appearances was a smart move on my part, because – as it turns out – she has an overwhelming array of talents, making her one of the lucky ones blessed with both good looks and an extensive range of skills.

Victoria can draw. And her scintillating creations stir the senses in the way Jessica Rabbit did when she sashayed across our screens in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.

Sexy, mischievous and kitschy, Fox’s characters are hand-drawn using Prismacolor pencils (then digitally retouched) and boast their own themes, ranging from naughty princesses to peek-a-boo pirates. The Toons’ attributes and features are limitless, however, as Victoria accepts commissions from those who want a drawing created in their likeness.

“Nothing is off-limits,” she says. “Sexy, wholesome – whatever. I love drawing, and it’s been a major passion of mine for as long as I can remember,” Victoria continued, “So much so that I’ve put it all over my body in a very permanent way.” She extends her limbs to showcase her elaborate tattoos: erupting flowers, wide-eyed animals and a variety of symbols in rich, kaleidoscopic hues crawl up her forearms and calves.

Click on the thumbnails to see a couple of pieces of Victoria’s work

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One glance at her work and her inspirations are obvious.

“World War II-era pin ups are my muses, but tattoo art also heavily influences my work,” she says.

Fox also cites the work of other pin-up artists, including Gil Elvgren and George Petty, as sources of inspiration, without forgetting to recognise the stylistic contributions of icons like Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe.

When not immersed in her art, Victoria works to advance her glamour modelling career and spends her days presiding over cosmetic alchemy as a MAC makeup artist. Time off is spent doing MAC freelance work, like body painting for national exhibitions in Greece and Barcelona or creating a range of fantastical looks for London Fashion Week models.

“I’m really fortunate to be able to do the things I love for a living,” she says. “I see being covered from head to foot in paint, lipstick, foundation and glitter as an extension of my enthusiasm for art.”

You can see her work on her website at
Victoria Fox photo courtesy of Pout Photography.

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