DR Gangrene – Chiller Cinema

How about the scariest movie?
Probably The Exorcist. That one is still scary 38 years after it was made. Think about that – almost 40 years later and it’s still relevant. Just a really scary film.

I heard you are in a band, what do you sing about?
Exactly what you’d expect – horror and monsters. We’re called Spookhand, which comes from, interestingly enough, a nightmare my SON had one night. He was young at the time, maybe 3, and woke up scared. We went in to see what was wrong, calm him down, etc., and he said, “There’s a spook hand waving at me from the closet.” Creepy! So years later here we are trying to decide on a band name and I remembered that story. Seemed to fit perfectly.

Alice Cooper is my number one inspiration, not only for music but for my gig as a horror host too. He was one of the earliest horror influences for me growing up, and I remember thinking he was the coolest dude I’d ever seen. I still think that – and I work some shock rock antics into our set too, in homage to Alice.

Do you have any records coming out?
We’re recording right now. Hope to have something this year. We have enough originals for almost 2 CDs now, so it’ll be a matter of picking the best ones and getting those recorded.

ElviraWho is your favorite host Vampira or Elvira?
My favorite is Zacherley (pictured)– to me he is the absolute epitome of a horror host. But between those two I’d side with Elvira. I know Vampira is the original, but let’s face it. None of us ever saw any of Vampira’s stuff. Only one surviving clip exists.

But Elvira has had decades of fantastically funny material out there and took her show to a national level. She’s amazing, and is still hosting today.

For me it’s Elvira all the way.

Do you ever have nightmares?
Yeah, from time to time, usually about weird random stuff.

So there you have it kids, keep a look out for Dr Gangrene on a TV near you soon. And remember….You can scare AND care!