Legal careers – how to dress for your first day in law

The legal arena offers a range of noble pursuits and a long list of career prospects that can last a person an entire lifetime. Aside from the rewarding nature of a career in law and the choice of stable futures on offer, the financial rewards involved in many roles provide an attractive prospect. With all of this to bear in mind, it’s no surprise that many students’ thoughts turn to a potential career in law. But the road is long. First, the relevant high school grades must be obtained. Next, higher education and a law degree. Following that, experience in a law firm will become invaluable in establishing a career in a full-time role (visit for ideas on careers). Many people won’t stay the distance, of course. But for those who do, a first day on the job beckons, and you won’t want to risk turning up in a pair of jeans and a hoodie…

Formal is a safe bet

We each express ourselves through our clothing. Depending on the person, everything from a choice of haircut, style of glasses, selection of accessories, and the preferred colour of winter coat all play a part in expressing individuality and personality. However, careers in law are not about what you want to look like – you must learn to present yourself in a way that fits with what the client expects (otherwise, where client expectations are not met, you could lose business). Avoid anything too trendy. For men, this could mean steering clear of skinny fit trousers and skinny ties, as although this style is more or less accepted among certain age groups, the style may not sit well with old-fashioned legal partners and old-fashioned clients. For all people starting a career in law, stick to the basics. A fitted suit with a buttoned-up shirt/blouse and sensible footwear is what’s expected, so don’t rock the boat too much with attempts at individual flare or you could be looked over for progression. Now, let’s look at colour.

The legal colour palette

If you are beginning a career in law, you may be tempted to try to stand out. This could mean pushing the boundaries slightly with things like colour choice when it comes to clothing. However, this is inadvisable. By sticking to greys and blues for suit colour, and by choosing tan or brown shoes (which will work well with greys and blues), you will fit in and appear to be a reliable new member of the team. This leaves shirt and blouse colour. Many people find white to be too standard. That’s fine. But don’t be tempted to overstep the mark with patterns and extravagant colours – stick to pastels

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