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How much do you love that little guy with the big moustache? We know, quite a lot. Mario is the stuff of your childhood, those early days spent gaming with friends after school. For a lot of gamers, the rough and tumble of Mario Kart is where a love of online gaming first developed, as parents too found the madcap, colourful world hard to resist.

Even as an adult you still love tech, which might be why your career has shifted into providing VR training solutions and staying ahead of all the latest tech trends.

So then it’s good news for  gamers as Japan announces it’s to open its very own Super Nintendo World. In this blog, we take a look at why you should head to this crazy theme park and what you might expect once you walk through the doors.

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Hold your horses, the magic isn’t happening until Spring 2020 at the earliest, with Japan being the first to host the park, which is part of Universal. The timing is perfect as it will coincide with Japan hosting the Olympics in Tokyo and form part of the extra entertainment that sports fans will get to enjoy outside the spectacle of the summer games.

This is obviously no coincidence and works as the perfect opportunity to launch this brand new venture. Not so great for the rest of the world but those visiting Japan, it’s going to be a blast.


So far, it seems clear that there will be at least two rides, one based on the aforementioned Super Mario Karts and another one involving Yoshi. There are likely to be other rides added, but so far not many other details have been announced.

Of course, a couple of rides isn’t the only offer and there is some clever interconnectivity at play too. It seems likely that riders will be given so-called “magic bracelets”, which will allow them to interact with the park itself, logging scores and possibly connecting with your Nintendo Switch. This latter supposition hasn’t been confirmed yet but industry experts suggest this is what Universal are working towards.

The park will be split over three levels and will mean you’re looking at spending at least half a day getting through the various attractions.


At the moment it appears that the only recipient of this new theme park is Japan, which leaves gamers across the rest of the world wondering when they might be able to spend the day at a park in Orlando or even Hollywood. The answer, unfortunately, is you’ll have to be patient. It seems that new parks take around five years to come into being, so there’s nothing new on the cards any time soon. If you can’t wait that long, then you always have the choice of saving up and heading to Japan to experience Super Nintendo World brought to life in all its crazy, colourful glory.

On the plus side, you’ll always have your trusty Nintendo Switch to hand to remind you of what fun you can have blowing people off the road and otherwise causing chaos with everyone’s favourite moustachioed guy.

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