Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas You Can Create on a Budget

There is never a better time to pull scary pranks on friends and strangers than the Halloween.

Fortunately, it does not always take a heavy budget to come up with Halloween look that can scare the living daylights out of your unsuspecting friends and family.Here are some great Halloween make up ideas that will leave people frightful and terrified without making you spend a fortune in the process.   

A “Walking Dead” Inspired Zombie (Old t-shirt, black eyeliner, red lip gloss)

Walking Dead has some of the most scary characters people have seen. So, you can imagine how they would react to a real-life walking dead zombie. To pull off this prank, you do not need to spend much either. With an old tattered t-shirt, black eyeliner, and red lip gloss, you can easily transform yourself into a blood thirsty zombie that has just taken a few gulps of blood from a hapless victim. 

Scarecrow (plaid shirt, eyeliner)

A scarecrow prank is a classic; and it never ceases to get the scary reactions Halloween pranksters live for when properly executed. Best of all, the scarecrow prank can also be done on a budget. All that is needed is a plaid shirt and some eyeliner. However, you can push the effect even further with a worn out straw hat and a sickle. But all in all, this prank is easy to pull off, and without having to spend much.   

White Nun (white face paint, black eyeshadow)

The white nun is the epitome of horror to some people, especially among people with a superstitious bent. Thanks to pop culture, most people would get mortified at the sight of a white nun weeping black tears. Best of all, you can look like a white nun with just white face paint and black eye shadow.   

Witch (green face paint, red lipstick, green eyeshadow)

Witches have been symbols of horror for many people ever since they were kids. Therefore, most people will instantly react to the sight of a witch with fear. Luckily, you do not have to spend a lot of money on a witch costume to get this look. You can look like a witch using green face cake paint, red lipstick, and green eyeshadow. With these simple things, you can make a very convincing and scary witch that many of your Halloween prank victims will not soon forget. 

Creepy Clown (rainbow colour face paints, fake blood, coloured contact lenses)

Clowns, even without the creepy and scary side to them, can be quite scary to some people. Therefore, turning yourself into a scary clown should get you more than a few great frightful reactions during Halloween. In fact, it does not take much to get the creepy clown look. All you need are rainbow colour face paints, fake blood, and coloured contact lenses. With these simple and inexpensive accessories, you can easily turn yourself into a scary and creepy clown that makes you a favorite among people who appreciate a good Halloween prank. 

Halloween is a good time to have fun playing on people’s unfounded fears of clowns, witches, scarecrows and other popular Halloween characters. However, just because you have a limited budget, it does not mean you have to miss out on this fun. Above are some popular Halloween looks you can create even without a big budget at your disposal.

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