Keeping Up With Your Favourite TV Stars: How To Be ‘In The Know’

You keep up with your favourite TV stars during the half hour or hour they are on your screens, either daily or weekly.

But how do you get your fix outside of these time slots and where do you find out more about their lives off screen? Well, here are a few ways you can ensure you stay in the know:

Blogs and columns
Many TV stars write either their own blogs or their own regular columns within others publications. Take Rosie Fortescue, from Made in Chelsea – she has her own blog – which primarily focuses on fashion and her projects outside of the show.

You will also find many stars, particularly those from reality shows – such as Peter Andre and Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison, updating you on both their own lives and their view of other celebrity stories from the pages of your favourite gossip magazines.

Magazine Subscription
Take a look at magazine subscriptions UK – this is the perfect way to get regular updates delivered direct to your door. Depending on which celebrities you follow you may want to get a title such as LOOK, which will give you both fashion and celebrity news. Or, you could get a title such as Soaplife or TV Times, which will keep you up-to-date with your favourite stars both on screen and off screen.

Newspapers, particularly the tabloids, often discuss celebrity gossip alongside the news – although you might not want to believe everything you read in these pages – because they are more often than not sensationalised. You can find these papers online – which are of course updated regularly – so simply bookmark them to read as and when you want!

Twitter and Instagram
The beauty of social media, particular Twitter and Instagram, is that you can follow your favourite TV stars’ actual accounts, and so know that every image and every update comes directly from them.

While the information you find in newspapers particularly and, to an extent, some magazines, may be slightly manipulated everything you see here is directly from the people themselves.

You will often see a collection of their images, or information they have shared on their social channels, later appear as a news story anyway – so you can be sure you have got it from the source. Simply follow them and each update will appear in your timeline.

Alongside their social media channels and blogs, some celebrities have set up their own You Tube channels to do regular vlogs. This gives you a real insight into their day-to-day lives away from the screen – where they are being paid to act in a certain way, even if that show is a ‘reality series.’

Take Tom Fletcher, for example, who shot to fame in his band McFly and makes regular appearances on our TV screens. But the place where you can really get to know about him – and his family – is via his vlogs. Here he has uploaded his wedding speech, announced the imminent birth of his first and second child as well as documenting daily life with his wife and children. An insight that really can’t be gained from anywhere else.

Thanks to the Internet, keeping up with your favourite TV stars, outside of their shows, really couldn’t be easier!