How To Wear Your Slides With Socks In 2022

Socks and slides have, for the longest time, been considered a fashion faux. But modern streetwear trends have fixed this. Today, you can rock your socks and slides to almost all casual events—from chilling in your house in your loungewear to dining at an outdoor barbecue, shopping, or even going out for a lunch date with friends. No judgment. Besides, everyone is getting comfortable with this streetwear fashion look, and so should you.

Thanks to hip-hop music, slides and socks are trending. Your favourite celebrities have been seen in the street rocking their slides and socks. Fashion magazines are applauding this look and calling it the cool new trend in town. It’s now official, meaning you’ll break no rule wearing this combination. With that in mind, here are five ways to wear your slides with socks in 2022:

  1. Pair Them With Shorts 

The beauty of wearing shorts lies in what you pair them with. Shorts will most likely draw attention to your footwear because your lower leg is uncovered. Thus, the footwear you choose makes the difference. If you haven’t tried slides, it’s high time you considered doing so. 

Make sure to pick socks of the correct length. If you’re comfortable showing off some skin, the ankle socks will do. However, if you need to cover up, go for knee-high socks. And if your shorts are too brief and your legs too tall, thigh-high socks will do. Getting the lengths right will stop you from looking clumsy.

  1. Combine With Flair Dresses

Dressing casually in a dress makes you look swanky, especially on those sunny days. Particularly, flair dresses are designed to flatter your body, especially if you choose one that matches your body type. You can spice up your looks even further by adding a few accessories to your outfit. Next time you feel like putting on a look that says you’re free and comfortable, pair up your flair dress with slides. 

Try matching the prints in your dress to your slides, or go for neutral socks. For a black dress, red socks and dark-coloured slides are a perfect match. You’ll surely look coordinated in such an outfit if you pick the colours correctly.

  1. Match Them With Loungewear

Even if you’re staying indoors, it’s always good to remain fashionable. Aside from that, it helps to ensure you’re comfortable. Now, loungewear is the perfect outfit for homestay. Perhaps you have a matching pair of pants and tops. For your feet, consider wearing slides to make you feel relaxed. And should you need to step out to run some errands, adding socks to your slides helps you stay warm and look stylish. Moreso, your feet are protected from dirt you might collect as you walk around.

  1. Wear Them To The Beach

The summer weather might be too hot for your boots and usual shoes. As your feet need to breathe, slides are an excellent choice. Thank goodness, slides are available in many different colours and designs, meaning you don’t have to stick to your everyday indoor pairs. 

When going to the beach, opt for the trendy beach styles, say, the feathered ones or the fur-fitted slides. Alternatively, if you don’t want to feel the beach sand with your feet, tag along with your socks. To prevent too much sweat, consider wearing synthetic socks to allow your feet to dry fast.

  1. Go For Detailed Socks

The best socks to go with your slides are the coloured and detailed ones. Neutral colours such as black, white, and grey are good for your usual official shoes. But with slides, your socks should be noticed. So, opt for patterned or floral prints.

Either way, they should not outdo the slides. Strike a balance on the shades you go with. If you’re wearing black slides, luminous green colour for your socks will be a sure way to look the part. However, avoid too many details on your socks if your slides already have some. Look for complementary patterns instead of contrasting ones. For instance, feathered slides go well with one-colour socks.  


The world is quickly getting accustomed to the new trend of wearing slides with socks. So, upgrade your fashion closet with a pair or two and stay on top of your fashion game. It’s best to have several brands and designs for your slides, at least to have a range to choose from depending on the occasion. You also need to shop for coloured and detailed socks to go with your slides. And with such a collection, feel free to try some of the above-suggested ways how to wear your slides with socks.

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