How to Stay-In While Abroad

Most travelers spend months planning their next trip. They calculate travel time, expenses, must-see sites, and factor in other considerations like vaccines and time off work. Moreover, many fellow travelers prefer to craft itineraries that will take them to the opposite side of planet Earth.


With all the planning and juggling going on, it’s easy to forget to plan for off-days. Naturally, everyone crossing international borders wants to get the most out of their limited time abroad.

That being said, travel burnout and fatigue are common among even the most seasoned backpackers. So before you head abroad, make sure that you can optimize your relaxation time. By doing so, you enable yourself to take full advantage of your stay.

Bring Along a Favorite Snack

Depending on where you’re headed off to, it may be easy to find your favorite brand of gum or chips. And, in the end, it may not seem too important to tote along a candy bar when the whole point of leaving home is to diversify your life’s experience.

That being said, a myriad of factors can make us crave a little bit of familiarity. Whether that’s feeling under the weather, missing out on a friend’s birthday back home, or even finding the local palette just isn’t for you, never underestimate the value of a favorite snack.

Before you jet-set around the world, take some time to think about which snacks would go the mile for you. Be sure to consider the size and storage methods before you choose your travel snack—and don’t forget to pack a few extras for the local friends you meet along the way.

Peruse Mobile and Online Games

While at home, it’s easy to feel like the time spent on a mobile game is time wasted. Abroad, that type of familiar activity can help engage and calm the mind. Depending on the strength and availability of local Wi-Fi, your options may be limited. It’s best to download any games possible to make sure it remains available without internet connection—not to mention, it saves your phone battery.

Travelers feeling burned out can also opt to splurge on a lodging location that delivers on high-speed bandwidth. Playing standard mobile games, or diving into online casinos is one way to keep the mind engaged while letting the body rest.

For those looking to spend an evening solo, sites like Unibet Casino provide a clean interface and a wide range of games that’ll keep anyone busy. But for those looking to link up with friends back home, keep a lookout for multi-player options that include chatrooms for certain table games.


Watch a Film With Friends… Remotely

While a strong Wi-Fi connection can bring you closer to your favorite games (or even introduce you to new ones), the ultimate way to cure a bit of travel fatigue is to emulate our favorite at-home experiences. For most, a movie night with friends will do just the trick.

While it may seem like a chore to connect with friends and also watch a movie, there are more options for watching movies online together now more than ever. Simply find a platform that works for you and friends, schedule a day, and huddle in for the night—and don’t forget any extra snacks from home.

By scheduling mini-dates like these, backpackers can also prevent travel fatigue preemptively. Reaching out to friends through classic movies can help remind you that things at home won’t change while they’re abroad and provide loved ones at home with the opportunity to check-in aside from rote texts or calls.