How To Spend Your Vacation In Mykonos

Mykonos is well-known for its wonderful sandy beaches like Kalafatis or Elia Beach, the hotels and beach bars with a celebrity vibe, as well as its pricy services, dining options, and VIP-style nightclubs and bars. The island of Mykonos is a fantastic and quite unusual location that is well worth your time. You can use this guide to maximise your time on Mykonos. With luxury accommodation in Mykonos, you experience first-rate lodging and escape the hassles of your daily schedule. 

Mykonos Town 

One of the biggest draws of the island of Mykonos is Mykonos town. Between the all-white homes and villas in Mykonos, there are numerous little walking streets that lead to some beautiful and eye-catching scenery. The blue doors and the scarlet and pink Bougainvilleas genuinely stand out against the white walls. Agias Paraskevis Street, Apollonos Street, and the alley of the Scandinavian pub are a few of the streets we really loved. Along these streets are adorable stores like the Happiness store, Decor Mykonos Chora Art Home & Design, Anamanesia, and numerous others. 

Party Life 

In addition to getting to experience the natural environment, Mykonos also offers the ideal combination of wild parties. “Island of the Winds” is the moniker for Mykonos. You may enjoy the best boat party, which has established its reputation in the tourist industry by providing its clients with top-notch services and priceless memories. When visiting the gorgeous island of Mykonos, you must attend the Mykonos boat party. With the beautiful coastline, stunning Greek islands, and crystal blue sea that Mykonos has to offer, it is unquestionably a next-level party.

Instagrammer’s Paradise 

As an Instagrammer’s paradise, Mykonos also draws the usual influencer crowd in search of the ideal shots. The typical Jersey Shore crowd from Europe is looking for fist-bumping events, semi-pro influencers, and everything in between. The Mykonos Chora is stunning. Even if only for a day or two, it is undoubtedly one of the most stunning old villages in the entire Cyclades and is highly recommended. 

Explore Little Venice 

This well-known stretch of waterfront eateries and cafes is a fantastic location to take in the stunning vistas reminiscent of Mykonos. Rustic-coloured homes placed directly over the lake give the area a feel of the Venetian style. It’s breathtaking at all hours of the day, but sunset is when people flock there in particular. Visit the Caprice Bar for the most incredible views of Little Venice, but be ready to fork over a significant amount of money for a drink. Apart from that, this location was quite deserted during the day and an excellent site to shoot pictures. 

Mykonos renowned windmills 

There are several “renowned” and “iconic” locations in Mykonos, but the windmills stand out above the rest. You can see these windmills all around the Cyclades. The Venetians built them in the sixteenth century and were primarily employed for milling wheat. They serve little purpose today other than to provide tourists with attractive architecture to look at. The windmills in Mykonos Chora are particularly beautiful because there are six of these enormous buildings queued together overlooking the Chora. It’s the ideal location for both watching a sunset and getting all the pictures you could possibly want.

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