How to Rock Your Breast Implants Like a Lady

Whether you are just starting to contemplate breast augmentation or already have your new implants, congratulations! You’re going to absolutely love your new silhouette and the plethora of clothing options you will be able to wear ridiculously well.

Many of the people you interact with will be ecstatic that you underwent this procedure to help bring more happiness and confidence into your life. Unfortunately, though, not everyone will be on board.

You are likely to meet at least one naysayer who has antiquated misconceptions about vanity. Although these are simply passing stereotypes, it’s wise to prepare yourself for some tricky conversations that you will have to navigate with poise and conviction.

Here are some quick guidelines to help you as you share your new implants with your friends and family.

Own It


It is 2015. Plastic surgery is all around us and only growing more commonplace. There is absolutely no shame in having any kind of elective procedure, including breast augmentation. Year after year, breast augmentation is one of the top cosmetic procedures in the country, with hundreds of thousands of patients aiming to boost their self-confidence.

According to the website of New Jersey’s The Peer Group for Plastic Surgery, the most common reason women get breast augmentation is to change something about their breasts that have long bothered them, such as disproportionate size, sagging, or asymmetry, in order to foster a better sense of self-worth. That’s something any woman should feel proud to admit. An easy reply to any prying queries is, “Yes, I took steps to improve myself, both outside and in. Thank you for asking.”

Stay Classy

While every woman should be proud of her new breast implants, it’s still advisable to be smart about showing them off if you fear judgment from certain parties. Respect whatever environment you’re in, and you should be OK. The acceptable amount of cleavage for an evening out in a cocktail dress is generally very different than the amount appropriate for a daytime office situation or a child’s birthday party. It’s easy to get excited about low cuts when you’re out shopping for your new silhouette, but just be sure to remember the value of some conservative pieces.

To Tell or Not to Tell


Even the bubbliest of gals may wish to keep their breast implants on the DL at first, particularly at work. Be aware that telling even a handful of people at work about your surgery can lead to everyone in the office knowing very quickly. If you decide you’d rather not inform your whole workforce, be selective about who you do tell and make sure they know that you wish to keep this a private matter. Also, be ready to explain the time off you took for surgery and recovery. Many people tell white lies about visiting out-of-town family or having a minor medical procedure. Get your story straight.

Be Prepared for the Haters
This is the hardest part. A lot of patients have at least one person in their lives who makes rude or hurtful comments. Preparing yourself for this step does include being able to explain your decision logically and articulately, but it also has a lot to do with how you feel inside. You should be 100% confident in your decision in order to brace yourself against any negativity that might come your way.

You must accept the fact that no matter how well you explain yourself, some people just may not get it. As long as you feel happy with your decision, let that be all that matters.