Film: Diary of a Teenage Girl

“What’s the point of living if nobody loves you”
The Diary of a Teenage girl is a quirky, original coming of age comedy directed by Marielle Heller.

The story follows Minnie (Bel Powley) a neurotic, obsessive who is driven to be loved and find love where she can. A slave to her crushes and hormones she embarks on her journey of self discovery as only a teenage girl can.

Kristen Wiig (bridesmaids) is great as Minnie’s mother and friend, so too is Alexander Stargaard (True Blood) as her partner. When Millie develops a complicated friendship with her mothers boyfriend it causes strains within her other relationships. The questionable and risque plot at times is mixed with a delicate and well placed humour.


“I’ve Become…Finally”

When watching ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’, something felt familiar – being pulled in every direction by growing up and trying to figure out who you are and how that fits with who you like. Not every crush is particularly a good one but Minnie risks all to try and conquer the sheer depths of her feelings.

The wacky, unique animations cascade into the 70’s setting to give it a warm vintage feel and Heller is responsible for some beautiful cinematography throughout and if you fancy something heartfelt and genuine, give it a whirl.

Diary of a Teenage Girl is out now!

Louise Ceridwen

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