How to Find Friends With Benefits While Traveling

In normal circumstances, while traveling, for example on business or vacation, some people often leave their partner behind for all manner of reasons. However, they may find that they need a person to keep them company or a partner for intimacy. Because they only want a quick fling and fun, finding friends with benefits may be the ideal option. But the big issue is how to get friends with benefits in a foreign country or city. This article explores some of the ways how people can find friends with benefits while traveling.

Using Dating Apps and Websites

There are plenty of apps and dating websites out there competing for the attention of men and women who want casual hookups and fun, whether when residing in a given city or traveling. Below are some of them:

·       Tinder

This is the most established dating app globally and it is also an excellent hunting ground for friends with benefits even while on a trip. The critical thing is to find potential FWB where you are touring and then check if the profile owners you are chatting with are keen on having casual hook-ups or looking for committed long-term relationships. This will keep people from backing off when they realize your intentions, which are inconsistent with theirs, and ensures that you do not waste time on someone with a different intention.

·    Happy Matches

Happy Matches is a dating site that is easily accessible even on mobile phones. It has carved a niche for itself as the go-to FWB app world-over where those interested can find their suitable casual partners. The beauty of this platform is that those looking for casual hook-ups can easily check out directly to identify profile owners looking for the same kind of partners. This avoids wasting time figuring out what type of relationship the person you are chatting is searching for.

Seeking out FWB in person in social places

You just have to hang out in social places like bars and clubs and start socializing with the locals as you enjoy your drinks. With such venues attracting all sorts of revelers and some being explorative and adventurous, you will find a FWB among them. Some will be looking to hook up with foreigners and strangers, so you should not have difficulty getting one, even if not on the first encounter. However, as you seek a casual company in social places, you must be careful not to be drugged or defrauded. One way is to avoid revealing a lot of your details and being attentive to courteously decline any drinks or food you are offered by the new people you have met.

Hooking up with fellow travelers

Other travelers are often without their partners and are ready for some casual relationships. You can join other holidaymakers as they go on bus tours, boat tours, or other adventures, and bond with them. You may engage in exchanging travel stories and experiences, and later in the evening, you will most likely eat and drink together. You will most likely have struck a friendship with a traveler or several which, if you both find okay, can become a FWB relationship for the duration of your trip. You may even find several friends-with-benefits in such a way.

There you have a few ways to get a FWB while on travel, and you can use one or more to see which works for you. The critical thing is to have both individuals’ expectations clear from the onset, so no person feels used or cheated. It is also vital to take precautions, for example using protection when getting intimate.

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