How to Choose the Right Tank Top with Built-In Bra

Whether you’re looking for a tank top for relaxing at home or for working out, the market offers several options. However, being comfortable while wearing a tank top depends on the activities you are wearing it for and the amount of support you want. That being said, the best tank tops with a built-in bra can help you stay comfortable no matter what you do.

Features To Consider in Tank Tops With a Built-In Bra

Before buying tank tops with a built-in bra, there are certain things you need to consider to help you make the right choice. Below are some factors you should pay attention to while shopping.

Type of Material

It’s crucial to consider the material of your garment especially if you are looking for sports tank tops. The material should be lightweight, stretchy, and breathable. It should also have odor reduction and moisture-wicking properties.  Most fabrics usually include a blend of spandex, elastane, polyester, or nylon. 

Moisture-wicking is an essential feature as it allows water and sweat to be pulled away from the body and through the material. In turn, this makes the material dry quickly, which helps to regulate your body’s temperature. 

Keep in mind that cotton is not an option when buying tank tops. It doesn’t dry quickly and tends to become cold and heavy once it gets wet. It can also cause uncomfortable chafing. Let’s take a look at other materials.

  • Polyester: This material is resistant to wind and water. However, the material can melt easily when ignited as it is not resistant to fire. 
  • Nylon: This material is durable and elastic. Note that pure nylon isn’t comfortable or strong as blended nylon. That’s why you will find nylon at lower percentages in clothing. 
  • Spandex: This fabric is known for its strength and elasticity. It can stretch up to four times its length and return to its original shape and size.


It’s important to check the style when looking for tank tops with built-in bras since styles vary. Some tank tops are designed with adjustable, thick, or thin straps, cross back, or racerback, and others with a low cut or a higher neckline. Depending on your comfort, you can decide whether you want the neckline lower or higher.

While spaghetti straps are flattering, they are less supportive if you have a big bust. They can also cause you some discomfort because they tend to lay under a backpack strap. On the other hand, racerback tank tops are more supportive. 

If you don’t like tank tops with straps or racerback tops, designers create shelf bra tank tops in different designs and a variety of colors, allowing you to choose garments that suit your personality.


Performance can be impacted by the kind of bra you wear. A good shelf bra will give you the right support to keep your boobs comfortable during long periods of activity and protect them. If your boobs are not held properly in place even low-impact exercises can cause discomfort. 

This is very important because many women have experienced pain after working out from unsupportive breast movement. Bear in mind that inadequate support combined with movement can cause premature or long-term sagging. It can also lead to stretch marks.

Once the supportive breast tissues have been stretched, they may not return to the original shape. For this reason, look for a well-designed shelf bra that can handle large and small movements effortlessly. 


When it comes to size, use your bra size to act as a guide when picking a tank top. However, if you don’t know your size, look for a bra specialist to get a fitting. The specialist can help you get the right size and eliminate discomfort, chaffing, and long-term tissue damage. You can also use this bra size chart in inches and centimeters to help you determine the correct  fit for you. 

This is very important because the pain caused by wearing the wrong bra size can spread to other body parts. While most brands offer a sizing chart to help you pick the right bra size, they measure their tank tops by generic sizes. 

Unfortunately, this may not be helpful because your breast size might not align with your structural size. That’s why you should get a fitting before buying your tank tops or read reviews to find out whether the garment’s size fits well.


When buying your tank tops, check whether they are machine washable or require to be washed by hand and how often they should be washed. Washing your bras more often than the required frequency is not good for them. 

Washing them can mean soaking them in the shower as you bathe before rinsing them or machine washing them at extremely low temperatures. You can also air dry them because it doesn’t force the shelf bra cups into positions that can ruin the material quickly.

Before washing, read the instructions carefully regarding how to care for your tank top’s material. Also, avoid drying on high heat, tumble drying, or using softeners and bleaches. 

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