How Gaming Experiences Can Rival Excellent Cinema

Roger Ebert, famous film critic, notoriously and controversially upheld that video games could never be art, because their interactive experience denoted options that would be surface-level, never quite cutting to the core of a real interactive statement. He viewed them as toys. Now, far from the hordes of critical articles written by gaming journalists, we are going to see if that argument has merit. To some extent, it does. Many games are similar to toys, in which you rack up the most points, play competitively, fight against others, and have a blast while doing so.

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That being said, in the current gaming space there are many amazing examples led by incredible character acting and narrative as a foremost focus. This means that while Ebert did retract his statement in life, had current-day circumstances been the case when he made that foremost statement, he may have understood the logical fallacy of his argument. This is no way denies his power as a critic, however.

That being said, even after you’ve scoped out the best Nvidia gaming PCs, how can you find gaming experiences that can rival excellent cinema? We believe we have some recommendations:

Narrative ‘Walking Simulators’

There are many excellent games, dubbed ‘walking simulators’ to tease the genre. Despite this title, these games, where you may walk from one end of a story to another, can offer plenty of insight and intrigue. Games such as What Remains of Edith Finch are Oscar-worthy representations of a short film told in a fully interactive manner, while Firewatch puts you in the shoes of a forlorn middle-aged man trying to move through grief. Video games are not always toys, they can handle mature themes that may even bring a tear to your eye. And these are great titles to begin with.

Excellent Writing

Excellent writing and textured plots are found in video games throughout most genres. This is best represented in Isometric RPG’s that feature plenty of voiced text. Disco Elysium is a new game that is making waves to this end, but older games such as Pillars of Eternity or Torment also offer this experience if you’re willing to spend the time with them. Odds are, a truly unique fantasy plot is headed your way.

High Concept Games

High concept games can also get you thinking, along the same lines as arthouse or international cinema experiences. For example, games such as Superhot put you in the shoes of a John-Woo action film, but without the overblown nature of the action, rather a means to consider what positioning and practicality can accomplish in a seamless experience should it be designed in that manner. Additionally, games such as Deadly Premonition offer an unparalleled comparison to Twin Peaks, with all the weirdness and comedic television tropes and camerawork you might expect. There are niche titles out there that can offer you more than you think – you just need to look for them.

With this advice, you’re certain to find the best gaming experiences for you.

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