Health: Bet You Didn’t Know That Treated Pimples

Nothing like a surprise whitehead cropping up overnight to make you feel young again. Although occasional adult breakouts don’t seem to carry the same earth-shattering consequences as adolescent acne, that doesn’t mean they’re not annoying. The next time you find yourself caught off-guard by a surprise blemish, check out our guide to some off-the-wall acne treatments that really work.


Fast establishing its place among wonder drugs, BOTOX is being used to treat everything from depression to chronic migraine. But a recent story in Teen Vogue suggests that yet another use for BOTOX is on the horizon — this time as an acne treatment.

A small-scale study out of Chicago seemed to reveal that selective administration of BOTOX to areas of acne slows down oil production and also reduces pore size. Although the method hasn’t yet been refined enough to be considered a go-to acne treatment, it certainly looks promising for the future. And if you’re already using BOTOX to treat wrinkles, it may be worth asking your injector if it’s possible to treat your pimple-prone areas at your next appointment. Results wear off after about 4 months, according to Cultura, a popular BOTOX provider in the Washington, DC area. No pimples for 4 months? It might be worth a try!

Speaking of wonder drugs, aspirin makes a great spot treatment, especially if you’re on the go. As an anti-inflammatory, aspirin can be applied topically for a few minutes to reduce redness, making a pimple less noticeable. Leave it on overnight to dry out a whitehead by morning. Application is easy — simply make a quick paste out of a crushed uncoated aspirin (or use a pre-powdered aspirin, like BC Powder®) and water. Some people elect to add honey to the mix to capitalize on its antibacterial properties, but it’s not necessary for results (especially if you want to avoid sticky sheets).


A Low-Carb Diet
Eating low- or no-carb is one diet trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. From the paleo diet to South Beach to Whole30®, avoiding refined grains and sugars has become a way of life for many. While the old myth of greasy junk food contributing to acne has been long debunked, new research suggests that simple carbohydrates and highly refined sugar can lead to inflammation within the body, breaking down the skin’s structural components and making it more susceptible to breakouts. By refocusing your diet to consume fewer of these ingredients, you can help your skin just as much as your waistline.

Bet You Didn't Know That Treated Pimples2

Green Tea
Speaking of anti-inflammatories, green tea is one of the oldest and most trusted home remedies for a variety of ailments. New science says you may add acne to the list. The consensus seems to say that 3 to 6 cups of freshly brewed tea each day is enough to help most people reap the antioxidant benefits of green tea. Certain chemical components of the leaves can also aid in lessening insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances, 2 other major contributors to acne development.