Gym Looks: Vital Components For The Modern Man

There are some people who claim that when it comes to the clothes you wear to the gym, fashion doesn’t really matter.

“You’re just going to get hot and sweaty,” they will sniff. “What’s the point in caring about how you look when you’re working out? It’s not a catwalk. It’s a gym.” These people are wrong.

Why do you care about fashion, style, and grooming? For most of the us, the answer to this question is pretty simple: because we want to look and feel good. The “and feel” is a really important consideration when it comes to your personal style. Looking good is an integral part of maintaining a good level of self-confidence… and you need self-confidence at the gym.

Why? Simple: self-confidence is another term for self-belief. The more you believe in yourself when you’re working out, the more likely you are to enjoy a successful session in the gym. If you’re feeling good, you’ll push yourself a little bit harder. More reps; more laps; another mile on the treadmill… all because you’re feeling good, unbeatable, and powerful. When it comes to making the most from your workouts, these little gains matter, and if great style helps you feel good, then it’s well worth investing time and effort into achieving that.

So if you’re going to feel as good as possible the next time you go to the gym for a workout, here are a few style essentials you might want to consider sporting…

Fitness Fashion

#1 – Specifically-designed gym clothes
If you wear an old T-shirt and a pair of shorts to work out, your chances of actually feeling good while at the gym are close to zero. Invest in proper mens gym wear that is specifically designed to be worn when exercising; not only will this look better, it will also feel better.

#2 – A great watch
Sports watches are a great choice for the image-conscious gym goer. Not only do they look good — and make a refreshing change when compared to standard everyday watches — but they’re also functionally useful.

#3 – A phone case
Are phone cases really an important component of style? Of course they are; they’re an accessory, just like a watch or hat. If you’re going to be taking your phone into the gym to listen to music or watch videos on, then invest in a stylish (but robust) case that you’re proud to carry.

#4 – A stainless steel water bottle
When talking about achieving style, there’s one material that is never welcome: plastic. Plastic is, by its very nature, a tacky and somewhat unpleasant material, and even the most expensive plastic has a habit of looking cheap. So when it comes to your water bottle, you’re definitely going to want to avoid plastic. Stainless steel is the best choice; it looks great, it can handle being dropped, and it’s actually healthier than reusable plastic options— it’s an all around winner.

With all of the above, you’ll be sure to stride into the gym feeling stylish, confident, and ready to make the most of your workout.