Clantastic: Fraggers Rock!

Do different people have specific roles in the clan?
I am the leader, Planet Squirrel is my right hand man (and Godfather to my child) he is senior admin, we then have about 5 moderators.

Do you have your own code words or language?
Not really, some of the younger members use ‘Pwned’ and ‘L337’ and stuff, but its a bit over my head, I use harsher language when I’m losing which is often!

Do you organise specific times for playing?
Nope, we play any time any day, if someone wants a game and people are free they usually meet up, we do on occasions have Forza Nights, Battlefield Fridays etc.


What games do your clan play?
Anything and everything, even Alien V’s Predator (which I’m yet to waste my money on).

What is your fav game?
Rainbow Six Black Arrow, the perfect single player game, Multiplayer heaven and just a joy to play, simple and fun.

Do you ever see your clan members away from the Xbox?
Yes! I made two of the clan members godfather to my daughter as they have been such great friends and influences on my life. I meet up with those guys as often as possible, and the other members are welcome round anytime. I hold a BBQ once a year at my house for the members, and we usually get about 15-20 TGSN Xbox gamers arrive for a weekend of tournaments, drinks, games.

This year its themed on Gunstringer and Fruit Ninja, as both games come boxed together the week before, also means I can make Chilli and drink Mexican lager. TGSN will continue to run as long as I have the interest and that’s not likely to dwindle anytime soon.

There’s so much history, I even have a TGSN museum at my house with postcards from holidaying members, presents, T-Shirts and I even got a TGSN tattoo which was featured in XBM along with a write up (I sent them specially made Xbox Xmas cards to sweeten the deal).

Some people see game clans as a bunch of nerdy speccy geeks, but the majority of us are normal decent people just looking for a home to play laid back fun games.

Do you kick people out if they are no good?
No, if someone is not good who am I to judge? It’s the fun factor, we’ve always said if you play in the right spirit and lose, but have fun, you win. Its clichéd but true. We have also done masterclasses on games with much better players training those with lesser abilities. I myself had a two hour training session on Forza with two really good drivers, I’m now much better and enjoy the game a hundred percent more.

How can other clans get in touch with you for a match?
On our home site HERE there is a link to the forums, there is a clan match area in there,
alternatively (Methodman at btinternet dot com) can be used.

As we speak the two clans featured here are arranging to play each other. We’ll let you know how they get on, on our Facebook page HERE.

You can also find both gamers on Twitter
Henry (FailboatSkipper) (LMB)
Ste (Methodman78)(TGSN)

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