Clantastic: Fraggers Rock!

Do different people have specific roles in the clan?

Not as such. Since almost all of us were friends before we played games together, no one has ‘authority’ over anyone else. That said, we perhaps have designated ‘chopper pilots’ and ‘medics’, for those who are particularly good at said roles.

Do you have your own code words or language?
A lot of callouts and invented names for things come up during play seemingly naturally, some of them utterly ridiculous. Anyone who could understand the phrase ‘Razz the wookiee confusing B’s marge’ is a friend of mine!

Do you organise specific times for playing?

Yep, it’s called all day, every day!

halo3 clan

What games does your clan play?
We keep it pretty much solidly to Battlefield games, but we occasionally swap over to Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3, usually just to chill out.

Henry McMunn Xbox Live Clan Member What is your fav game?
No question. Battlefield forever!

Are you ranked in any sort of league?
Not really. We don’t go out of our way to play competitively in private matches and such. We’re a public match-playing clan for the most part.

Do you ever see your clan members away from the Xbox?

Yes, a lot! Though, sad as it may sound, probably not as much as ON the Xbox.

Do you kick people out if they are no good?
Never! Other shooters may be down to reflexes and more natural talents, but Battlefield is a team game and we believe we can train anyone to be a star team player. We’ve done it before.

How can other clans get in touch with you for a match?
In the nature of Xbox Live, most of our ‘challenges’ are in the form of angry messages sent by people on the enemy team. We don’t indulge them though. We’re a friendly clan, and not so much interested in beating everyone else out there.

#2 Gamertag: Methodman78 Clan: TGSN

What does TGSN stand for?
Our full name is ‘Terrible Gamer Stats Network’.

tgsn xbox live clan

How long have you been in your ‘clan’?
I’ve been a member since day one. July 10th 2004 to be exact. The guy who started with me went his own way after a few months, I on the other hand thrived and started recruiting, the first 10 members came within a month and at least 8 of those are still here. TGSN got real busy really quick and I started appointing moderators, all went well and clan matches were a weekly affair, we even won a couple!

How many people are in your clan?
Not sure to be exact, I think there is about 110ish, 50 of which are the core regulars who game at least once a week (not always with me), but I try and play as often as I can with as many as I can.

I am very proud of our achievements and although I don’t actively recruit these days, we still get one or two who join a month and old members return all the time as they find other clans not as active or simply not as passionate as us.