From Denim to Puffer: The Top Jacket Trends for Men in 2023

A jacket is an article of clothing that can make a ho-hum outfit make a 180-degree turn. Just adding a jacket to your OOTD can grab eyeballs and attract that second glance. Of course, jackets have a utilitarian purpose – helping you brace for the cold weather. But jackets are also about the style and the instant sex appeal they lend you. 

Top Jacket Trends for Men in 2023:

In 2023, a few trends are heavy with waves of nostalgia – a return of the retro and back to the basics. Some other trends are embracing the wild and peppy side. Depending on your personality, you can choose from the trends that suit your purpose and taste. 

This year the trend is leaning toward reversible jackets so that you can switch from casual formal to party style by simply turning your jacket inside out. Shades of purple were a hit at Men’s Milan Fashion Week AW23. Men’s outerwear had a refreshing sprinkling of neon and other bright-hued accents as well as fur trimmings. 

Shortlisted here are the top jacket trends for 2023:

Denim Jacket 2.0

If basic blue comes to your mind when a denim jacket is mentioned, you need a fashion update. This year denim jackets have been reimagined and are all about the extraordinary. 

Denim jackets are exhibiting vibrant prints and embroideries (which draw inspiration from culture, anime, and animals. These jackets are reversible with a more elegant style on one side and a playful style on the other.  Patchwork denim jackets are growing in popularity, alongside embellished ones. A lot of denim jackets are also featuring detachable or printed sleeves. 

The Reappearance of Deck Jackets

Deck jackets are among the most unusual and eye-catching jackets. These jackets are probably the first forerunners of modern jackets. The latest reiterations of deck jackets align with the gorpcore trend. The best deck jackets can outlast the trend and occupy permanent spots in your wardrobe. 

Redefining Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are another one of the classic wardrobe staples that are out for a trendy strut in 2023. Bundle the biker jackets and leather bomber jackets into this category.

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A very impressive piece that appeared as part of Milan AW23 was a luxe white leather bomber jacket. The latest versions of leather jackets might be embossed, striped, reversible, or even bear contrasting trims. There are also some unusual prints for adventurous spirits. 

Duvet Days With Puffer Jackets

These quilted jackets are one of the leading trends of 2023. With these jackets, it is all about new-gen fabrics and mixed-media styles. Male celebrities and fashion icons are rocking this trend. Adopt a classic or go for a more creative take. 

Nick Wooster, the legendary American fashion consultant, once said, “Fit and fabric are paramount. If the jacket fits, it doesn’t matter what price you paid for it – you will look and feel fantastic”. This statement is a mantra to remember while picking up a jacket for your wardrobe. Learn from the trends, experiment with your style and you could even be the start of a  trend!